2. Extracts from the views of J. A. Komenský

God is the most necessary of all necessary things.
Seek rather God than wealth.
He who has built his foundations on God stands on firm ground and is cannot be conquered.
Cicero says: He who denies God can barely be considered sane.
What Christ demanded of people were not rites but inner renewal and, as he says, rebirth for a new, holy and fully spiritual life.
There is endless chaos in opinions about God and the content of religion, whether we compare all the denominations we can find in the world or judge them separately. Many souls come to the conclusion that it is better to abandon the numerous and quarrelsome churches and devote themselves secretly to quiet communion with God.
A general religion will be more universal than all those heretofore and it will be intended for spreading throughout the world; it will also be simpler and thus easier. The aim of a general religion is to connect man with God and God with man… so that God could be worshipped in spirit and truth even without superficial ceremonies. It does not demand anything other than continual walking with God, talking to God and doing with God. It is based mainly on the realization of the spiritual world. So let the religion of Cain perish, religion which… founds sects, initiates persecution for disagreements of belief, sheds blood and finally seeks a place on earth instead of heaven.

Our wisdom should concern the knowledge of God and God’s testament.
Whoever wants to serve God and humanity (which everyone who can should wish to do) let him do this in order to bring as many people as possible to God. This means more than giving wealth to the poor, sight to the blind and life to the dead.
Poor is the man who works on something without God’s cooperation because such work does not come from God, in whom resides the only stability and the substance of substances, and for this reason such work will inevitably fail. But God does not cooperate with anybody but with those who work on his work.
God is the God of order.
There is no power but from God.
The order of the world teaches us that God exists because order cannot come from coincidence. Imagine: if you have prepared the type for this book and if you then scattered them and threw them in a heap again, thousands and thousands of times and even more frequently, the same book which had been composed by art will never be created again. So how could the world, such an ordered system, begin by coincidence?
Whenever order reigns, there must also be something that governs it.
Laws are always set by somebody in a higher position and are binding for those in a lower position.
Just as the body exists before clothes and can exist without clothes, the spirit exists before the body and can exist without it, since the body is nothing but the clothes of the spirit.
The spirit inside us is what makes us the image of God, i.e. which makes us small Gods, namely people.

Any one of you who seeks only superficiality, ceremonies, magnificence, office, power and rule is an Antichrist, not a servant of Christ.
Satan depends on disobedience progressing gradually, so that people do not see how they are going to rack and ruin until they are in the depth of depravity.
The devil is constantly trying to prevent people from recognizing what is good and what is evil, and even to make them consider good bad and bad good and let themselves willingly be tied with these chains of ignorance.
Where light cannot reach, darkness will fill the space, as in deep underground caverns. Similarly, a mind which has not been reached by any knowledge of things is inevitably occupied by ignorance.
We all have been sent to the same school of life and our task is to prepare for another life.
Negligence of education is the ruin of people, families, empires and the whole world.
To live and not to know why means to live like a fly or a nettle.
Two-year-old, three-year-old and even more four-year-old children can be taught about God, about life and death through which this life passes into another, so that they, according to their mental capacity, can begin to understand why they are here and what they should do.
An active life is true life, idleness is a living death.
Let thoughts, words and actions be in harmony. We must be prepared to die rather than to blacken our names and lose our honour.
As for books by good and useful authors, it will be necessary to make anthologies of them. Let nothing be forgotten which could serve truer wisdom, religiosity and order.
Philosophy is too broad, so it is almost better to know nothing to confuse oneself with different opinions again and again and instead of the light of knowledge merely groping in the fog of different views.
We should read more serious books which could increase our wisdom two or three times. When reading for the first time, we should underline or asterisk all that is interesting. You should make notes on everything that you read.
We must ask and oblige publishers not to multiply paper but wisdom and to aim for the enlightenment of souls, not the profit of their pouches, to be real servants of light and not slaves of Pluto (the god of wealth), agents of darkness and confusion.

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