33. Economy and its Objectives are Related to the Moral Health of the Society

1. A society without characters will decay, a society rich in characters will thrive, develop and flourish. Therefore, the most important task for the educators of a nation is that they teach the young citizens to be characterful. (J. Holeček 1853-1929)
2. The best way to improve people is to improve oneself. (F. Vymazal)
3. Progress does not mean that there are more machines, but it means that people are morally better. (Dominik Pecka)
4. If we do not learn vigorously to reduce our needs and demands, to subordinate our interests to the moral imperatives, as the humanity, we will succumb to perdition. (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)
5. Although there is a sword hanging above your head, let your mouth speaks the truth. (Uzbek saying)
6. Transform yourselves by renewing your mind. (Romans 12:2)
7. Fair objectives cannot be achieved through unfair means. (Albert Camus)
8. It is never too late to take the way to good morals. (L. A. Seneca Jr.)
9.    Sometimes the most important things are those about which we know the least. (Emil Oesh) 
10. Change the former way of life that was part of the person you once were, corrupted by deceitful desires. Instead, renew the thinking in your mind by the Spirit… (Ephesians 4:22-24)
11. I am convinced that mistakes cannot be rectified in the near future only through the Church. A curriculum designed for schools should be drown up, a kind of moral order, which would be similar to what the Catholic Church teaches, so that people learn not to steal and the other things that are actually in the Ten Commandments. All children should hear a doctrine of fairness and morality. Otherwise, the human society will decompose completely. (ThDr. Anastás Opasek, the Archbishop of Břevnov, Český deník dated 23/12/1994)
12. Nations are not great mainly for their great persons but for the advancement of the countless ordinary people. (Josef Jungmann)
13. Moral qualities are the greatest capital of a nation. (N. G. Chernyshevsky)
14. When the state declines, the number of crimes increases. (J. J. Rousseau)
15. The worst delusion and wickedness of our time originate in the complete separation of politics from morality. (Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov, 1853-1900)
16. Democracy is a constant effort to educate the citizenry in general. (Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, hereinafter referred to as TGM, the first Czechoslovak president after the WWI)
17. The only means possible to defeat the general evil in life is moral improvement of our own lives. (L. N. Tolstoy)
18. Thanks Alma Excelsior’s contribution to spiritual knowledge, the Czech nation has a chance to recover from the materialist and atheist daze and to save themselves and the others. (SPMZ 1995, p. 21)
19. Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. (Psalm 100)
20. God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)
21. The sacrifice of Christ on Golgotha once again united the Earth and Heaven and enabled everyone who receives the impulse to find their way back to the spiritual world. (Alma Excelsior)
22. I have never been an atheist, because there was no day that I did not think of God. I am a firm opponent of the materialist view of the world. Living morally is the true worship of God. I cannot imagine our people growing without the knowledge of Jesus and his teachings. Jesus - not Caesar - I repeat, he is the sense of our history and democracy. (TGM)
23. Religion is an exoternal form of initiation that is suitable for all humankind, and corresponds to certain evolutional maturity of the time. Behind religion, there is the secret source of spiritual initiation, from which the religion originated. (Alma Excelsior)
24. People live well in a society where morality, truth and justice are the most important elements. (John Patrius of Dortmund)
25. I closed the door of my soul to prevent the mistake to enter. Truth said: “How do I come in now? (R. Tagore)
26. The root of evil is the lack of knowledge. (Confucius)
27. We learn from Jesus to focus love on our neighbour. Only the love of all to all, across all ages and countries, can unite the humanity and bring it peace. (TGM)
28. Egoism is a force that separates people from their spiritual being. (Alma Excelsior)
29. There are many religions, but there is only one morality. (J. Ruskin)
30. If any evil is to be eradicated, it is necessary to eliminate the causes from which grows or which facilitate its existence. (Jaroslav Prokopec)
31. In a state, where villains dwell in the sun, the darkness is on the throne. (S. J. Lec)
32. The totalitarian nature of the regime consists of destruction of the individual abilities of human behaviour and transformation of people into the abettors and accomplices in the crimes of totalitarian control. (M. Bednář)
33. Try to live in a way that you do not need violence. (the Talmud)
34. The state is there for the citizens and the citizens are not there for the state. (TGM)
35. It is not true that the economy controls everything. Morality is the decisive factor. (A. Solzhenitsyn)
36. Keep the order and the order will keep you. (Saint Augustine)
37. The history of humanity is becoming more and more something between education and a disaster. (H. G. Wells)
38. Nothing is more dangerous than the influence of personal interests on public affairs. (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
39. Above the caprice of people and governments, there is the Moral Law which binds both people working publicly and privately, both nations and individuals. It is a crime to violate this Law. (French representative at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg)
40. If there are enough wise and virtuous people in a state, its government will be good.
Honouring the capable and honourable people, that is the basis of governance. (Mozi)
41. If a state entrusts functions to the wise and capable, it will flourish, if it rejects them, it will decline. (Wang Anshi)
42. Boredom is spreading all over the world as a plague. Boredom is the inseparable twin of spiritual emptiness. Bored people are empty people. Boredom is a disease that attacks all those who do not have anything to live for apart from themselves. Many young people, often trying to escape from the boredom, seek excitement in alcohol or drugs and do not accept any measures. Even the adults often feel the same kind of unrest. The more people turn away from God, the more they try to create at least an artificial illusion of a meaningful existence. However, no substitutes can satisfy the human soul. (Press Centre in Brno, 1995)
43. Averting people from belief is worse than killing. (the Quran, surah 2, 214/217)
44. Everyone is the magnet of their thinking. (J. Solar)
45. Effort is the inevitable condition for moral improvement. (L. N. Tolstoy)
46. Without deeds, all words seem to be vain and empty. (Demosthenes)
47. To the good ones I am good; to the bad ones I am also good; this is how I enforce goodness. (Lao-C‘)
48. You must not eat blood and meat. (1 M. 9:4)
49. Our physical fathers have brought us up at their discretion, whereas our celestial Father brings us up for a higher purpose: to take part in his holiness. (Heb 12:10)
50. The animals are our younger brothers. (Alma Excelsior)
51. The Bible is my most precious jewel; I would be a poor fellow without it. (I. Kant)
52. Although we cannot choose what will happen to us, we can choose how to react. (Epiktetos)
53. Change your wrong opinions for the right ones! (the Bible)
54. Spiritual work for your neighbour is the best prayer. (Alma Excelsior)
55. Fallacy continues to be a fallacy, even if it is shared by the majority. (Seneca)
56. The quantity of the wise is the salvation for the world. (the Bible)

57. True democracy consists of morality. (TGM)


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