31. On the Law and its Contents

By the Law we understand the natural moral Law, hereinafter referred to as the Law. The relationship of man to the Law decides on existence, health and destiny of every person, so the ignorance and non-compliance with norms of the Law (norm = what should be) can have unforeseen consequences about which nothing is known so far. The brief outline of the Law presented here can become an impulse for the reader’s decision to start to learn about the Law consistently in theory and in practice and to become a spiritual person and a democrat. “Although our persons live in the view of heaven, yet our spirits are included in the caves of our own complexions and customs, which minister unto us infinite errors and vain opinions.” (Francis. Bacon, 1561-1626, English philosopher) Who does not know the content of Christianity is actually a stranger in our culture.” (Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk 1850-1937)
English legal theoretician J. Austin defined law as follows: “Law is a rule laid down for the guidance of an intelligent being by an intelligent being having power over him.” This definition is valid both for human right and for natural moral Law.
Champetier de Ribes, the representative of France at the Nuremberg Court during the trials with Nazi leaders, appealed to the Court as follows: “By solemn remembering to the world that the moral Law that binds persons acting in public, private persons, nations and individuals, is above the arbitrary conduct of governments and that it is a crime to breech this Law, your condemnatory verdict will contribute mightily to the task of universal pacification.” The universal pacification may be understood as the philadelphic and all-fraternal culture, which will allow the existence of democracy for a longer period of time, which respects the priorities and objectives of the mankind set by our Spiritual Parents, the Father of the Universe and Mother Nature. The beginning of new culture is represented by Tomáš G. Masaryk and Alma Excelsior, legally named Marie Kubištová (1887-1956), who was born in Brno and lived in Boskovice. Her spiritual contribution to the sixth all-fraternal and philadephic culture placed her to the level of Jesus. Let us quote an opinion of H. Schacht, a defendant in the Nuremberg trials: “I am unshaken in the belief that the world will recover not by the rule of power, but only by the rule of spirit and morality.”
The accused Hans Frank said: “We renounced God and therefore we had to fall.”
The representative of Czechoslovakia at the Nuremberg Court said in his book entitled Norimberský soud (International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg) (Orbis, Prague 1946): “The Nazi changed the country into a single concentration camp. They made a gangster organism out of the state. Under the rule of the Nazis, the state, the mission of which is to build and protect the security of the citizens, was organising crime and protecting criminals and not their victim. The Nuremberg Court wrote that there is no right without morality. The right that has been detached from this source becomes dry and decays or changes into the opposite of right. The Nuremberg Court gave the world a lesson that the suppression of human freedom, destruction of democracy, trampling of all the human and divine laws, persecution of people on grounds of their race, religion or political beliefs, that all this is against the grounds of human civilisation.“
As the provisions of the Law are not subject of getting old, it is possible to briefly outline the contents of the Law by means of ancient information about the Law.

When a wise person rules, it strengthens the people’s spines. Where the Law is not obeyed, the darkness will reign there. What you do not wish for yourself, do not do it to others. There is no wore crime than giving in to passions. It is a duty of an official not to follow the orders commanding the evil.

If a man does not pursue to live in every occasion for others and does not help them, then he really does not live a correct life. The best objective is teaching of the Law. The gift of understanding the Law is above all gifts. The joy produced by obedience of the Law is above all joys.

Love the truth and rightness. Do not be partial. Learn constantly. Work and you’re your bread honestly. Do not speak in vain. Do not incite to sin. Do not get drunk! Fight the against lie! Do not worry about what cannot be repaired. Do not rush after wealth. No not steal. Do not oppress the weaker. Do not testify falsely. Teach the people. Love your neighbour. Throw in a match with the one who sins by lying.

The Ancient History
Everything is ruled by law. (Hippocrates) Neither injustice should be repaid by injustice, nor should anyone do evil to other, even if one is afflicted by anything caused by the people. The legislator cannot permit the education to be pushed into the background but he must cherish it properly. (Plato) Keep an eye on that villains do not have preference over the proper people. (Isocrates) We cannot live happily if we are not reasonable, honest (i.e. moral) and rightful. (Epicurus) The soul returns back to the Earth, incarnates again, and will never cease to join in repeated births the pains and fates of this world. (Plutarch) Alas, those unhappy! They still want to reach the good, but they are blind and deaf to the Law given to this world by God; should they be obedient to it, they would live happily. . Almighty Zeus, deliver people from the destructive ignorance. (Cleanthes) The price of each man is the same as the price of what he pursues. (Marcus Aurelius Antonius, 161-180, a stoic philosopher, one of the best Roman emperors)

Be ye helpers of Allah! We created not the heavens, the earth and all between them, merely in (idle) sport; […] be patient over what befalls you. Indeed, all that is of the matters requiring determination. Whoever does evil, does so against [his own soul], Say, O Muhammad, “I do not ask you for this message any payment but only good will through kinship.” Allah has forbidden interest.

The Bible
Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe. Be on guard! Turn back from evil, for God sent this suffering to keep you from a life of evil. Turn from evil and do good. Lying mouth destroys the soul. Don’t be ambiguous! Do not sell yourself to evil! Change the bad opinions for the right ones. Take part in the work for the truth! Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. Do not live an idle life! Let the marriage bed be undefiled! You must be born again! (Jesus) And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments The mind governed by the flesh is death. The essence of love is service to other You shall not kill! The person exploring the Law will be pervaded by it. Kdo bádá v Zákoně, bude jím prostoupen. Bravely stand by the Law!

A brief content of the Law is included in the Ten Commandments (Book of Exodus 20:1-17 and Book of Deuteronomy 5:1-21) and in Jesus’ response to the Pharisees on which commandment od the Law is the greatest: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.“ (Matthew 22:37-39) For the study of the Law you can use, apart from the Bible (www.biblenet.cz), also the web pages of SPMZ (Association of Friends of the Moral Law) www.cz-eu.eu


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