29. Not adhering to the Law - the main source of all crises in the development of human society

We currently see the effects of the second worldwide economic crisis. The main primary causes of the first crisis, which began by the end of 1929 in USA, were described by Dr. Alexis Carrel as follows: 1. A person fights for his existence through his mind more than through his body. Morality is much more important than intelligence. Once morality disappears in a nation, its structure soon begins to dissolve. 2. The social environment does not support the development of human psyche, and instead tries to hinder it as much as possible. 3. It is interesting that mental illnesses are more numerous than all other illnesses together. 4. The study of moral, aesthetic and religious feelings will be shown to be as necessary as mathematics, physics, chemistry. 5. National economists will realize that the causes of the economic and monetary crisis may also be moral and spiritual. 6. The perfect and complete development of human personality is the final goal of civilization. The time has come to begin working on our restoration.

The correctness of this brief description of the causes of the first worldwide economic crisis was also confirmed by the second worldwide, global economic crisis we are currently suffering from. This second crisis was caused by the long-term unwise leadership of countries, which did not adhere to the natural moral code (hereinafter the Law), the existence of which was referred to by Champetier de Ribes at the Nuremberg Trials of the leaders of Germany after World War 2, as follows: There is moral law above human arbitrariness, binding for public figures, private businessmen, nations and individuals. It is a crime to break this law." The existence of this Law is also referred to in the Bible: "Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for  sin is the transgression of the law." (1 John 3:4). John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), the "Teacher of the nations", wrote: "Christ is truly the path, truth and life. And so everyone who is outside of Christ is also not on the path, truth and life, and that means that they have turned off the path, are lost and die." "Since we adhere to the Law of the cosmos, we are supposed to know this Law." (Alma Excelsior (1887-1956) "How will we return to the belief that the moral code is the right ruler of the world?" (Czech philosopher Emanuel Radl, 1873-1942) "Society without character rots, society rich in character develops, prospers and flourishes. Therefore the most important job of any educator in the nation is to teach young citizens to have character." (Czech writer Josef Holecek, 1853-1929)

Misuse of the knowledge of the Law for the egoistic power-hungry goals of seducers of nations without bloodshed has been mentioned by Sun Tsi, a Chinese writer from 5th century BC: 1. Discredit good and truth. 2. Compromise real leaders. 3. Undermine mutual trust between people. Let everyone be alone. 4. Undermine the current government: disorder leads to unhappiness, which you can use. 5. Use various miscreants: they have no other option than to faithfully serve you. 6. Bring unrest wherever possible. 7. Incite the young against the old. 8. Laugh at traditions, since they are the greatest enemy, they do not let you forget your roots. Prevent supply of rice and water. 9. Propagate sensual music. 10. Spread immorality. 11. Reward your sympathizers, it will pay off generously. 12. Try to know everything about the affairs in the country you wish to subvert. It is necessary to conquer a country in a way that none even suspects that they are losing their freedom.

Government has no biologic reasoning of its own, the same reasoning which is the basic of human power, and thus doesn't even have any proper power, only the power of citizens, who received this power from the gift of thought and feeling from the Lawbringer of all natural laws. Thus, the opinion that the government is here for the people is correct, and it is not true that the people are here for the government and its egoistic goals of power which ignore the existence of Law. The supremacy of morale over power and economy (money) is also expressed by these opinions: „If a wise man rules, he strengthens the spines of his people.  Where law is not adhered to, there darkness rules. (Old Chinese saying) Democracy is a permanent effort to educate citizenry as a whole. I don't believe that the necessary reform can be purely economic. The democratic crisis is especially a crisis of morale. (T. G. Masaryk 1850-1937)  Without the moral restoration of people, there will be no better democracy. The problem of the new next democracy is thus also the permanent problem of educating towards democracy, problem of educating leaders and masses. (Eduard Beneš, the second president of the Czechoslovak republic, 1884-1948) It is not true that the economy decides everything. Morale is decisive. (A. Solženicyn) The worst delusions and plagues of our times are rooted in complete separation of moral from politics. (V. S. Solovjev, 1853-1900) Without the moral restoration of people, there will be no better democracy. The problem of the new next democracy is thus also the permanent problem of educating towards democracy, problem of educating leaders and masses. (Eduard Benes, the second president of the Czechoslovak republic) Silently, inconspiciously, our ideas and moral values have been violated. Our country has returned to the pre-crisis state. The most important goal of today is to uplift people spiritually and strengthen their moral standings. (M. S. Gorbachev) The greatest capital of a nation are its moral qualities. (N. G. Černyševskij, 1828-1889) Richness of the spirit is more valuable than money. (Arabian saying) Illnesses of the mind are more destructive and frequent than illnesses of the body. (Greek philosopher Epicuros, 341-270 B.C.) Speak the truth even when it's against you. (Arabian saying) A lie doesn't stop being a lie even if it is shared by the majority. (L. N. Tolstoy) Ignorance does not imply any right to believe in something. (S. Freud, 1856-1939) We are currently seeing the transformation of materialism and greed of humanity in a moral humanity capable of brotherly life. (Alma Excelsior, 1887-1956)

 (F. V. October 2012)




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