A necessary condition of Human freedom is sanity
One’s own view of the world is the highest governing system a person has
Human power means to be able to realize goals of one’s own view of the world
Man should fill himself with light, not with darkness

1. A necessary condition of Human freedom is sanity

The main and most important condition of human freedom of choice is a person’s sanity, which on a physical basis is made possible by the central nervous system. Sanity is connected to legal concepts of being of consenting age, criminal liability, criminal acts both intentional and unintentional. Sanity is also connected with human intelligence. Hereditary disorders of sanity and its development are called mongolisms. Mongolisms is connected to both mental and physical development. These disorders are not mere coincidences, but are connected to the past lives of people, who with their thoughts, feelings and behaviour have grossly overstepped or have been overstepping over the long-term the natural moral Law, from now on just The Law, to which the human psyche (human thought – the spirit, and human feeling – the soul) has succumbed to a long time ago. Hereditary disorders are not just fair retributions for breaking The Law, but are also gifts of Nature, to get rid of heavy negative qualities on its journey of development. Temporary disorders of sanity we know as drunkenness, drug taking or eventually, injuries.
A person’s sanity is ensured by the central nervous system, which is made up of most importantly the brain and spinal cord, which is about half a metre long. The human bran is considered to be the most complicated crude structure in the universe. The brain is not equipped with the ability to feel pain. In the physical brain, there can be found about 100 billion neurons which interconnect and create connections which then allow electric activity of the brain. Neuron is the name given to the nerve cell. The thickness of the grey matter ranges from 1.5 mm to 3 mm and resembles the surface of a walnut.
A person’s sanity gives the person the ability of logical thought to be able to choose between different possibilities and values, which have their own hierarchical order. The understanding of this hierarchy is important for the healthy development of a person to reach the goal set by Nature in individual phases of the human kingdom, which exists from the moment the solar nebular came into being. Making some values more superior than others belongs to the most common mistake made by the human psyche and prevents people entering the road of The Law and light, which is the only thing that can correctly evaluate the amazing gift of life and freedom of choice. A person obsessed by sex is basically no different to a person addicted to drugs. Both people have stopped controlling their reason and will. (Napoleon Hill) The right choices enrich a person’s life in Earth; the wrong choices devalue a person’s life, even though they are not aware of this. On the road of The Law its necessary to learn to be able to recognise good from bad, love from egoism, the temporary from the stable (eternity), the real from the illusion (the false). Freedom of choice allows a person not to be fooled by the temporary, and for the correct development of a person, not to be fooled by advantages without value. Only knowledge of Truth on the road of The Law (light, democracy and real freedom) allows people to ovoid bad fate, health disorders, weak immunity, obesity, a short life span, economic and financial failure, totality, military and natural catastrophes.

2. One’s own view of the world is the highest governing system a person has

One’s own view of the world is developed alongside growing up. People mostly take the views of their parents, which can later chance under the influence of school, friends, personal life experience and especially the influence of their past (hereditary elements, gained from their past life on Earth).One’s own view of the world (ideology) can understand theories of what the Universe is and what meaning human life has. The pillar of everyone’s view of the world is its morality, which should acknowledge the existence of a moral Law, from which The 10 Commandments come about, including all kinds of moral norms. The existence of The Law is confirmed by the Bible in John 1 3.4 “All who sin, also act against God’s Law, as sin breaks the law”. The slow creeping malicious demoralisation of this pillar prevents people entry onto the road of The Law by adding darkness into the person, firstly into their unconsciousness, and then later into their consciousness by which the person then becomes a tool of darkness, which forces the person to serve evil and sometimes murder others or themselves. Current individual, group, hidden and state mafia terrorists in the world, are an example that exterior repression possibly a strong hand, are not capable of replacing good upbringing aimed towards healthy democracy and the development of new democrats, in families, schools and the state. Stable entry onto the road of The Law cannot be ordered or enforced by force. Force doesn’t support the increasing of light within a person, which is the main aim of human existence in the physical body on Earth. The impulse to have the right worldly attitude must come voluntarily from the will of the person based on their own development. However, an offer of correct information is not enough; these as a rule are successfully blocked by darkness in a person which can be broken only by a fateful event. Only one’s own view of the world can help a person to use one’s will to gradually exchange darkness for light within themselves, that is, for selfless love, which is what gives life meaning. Malicious ideas of the ideology of darkness entice people to receive and send darkness the words: Comfort also evil, so that there will finally be only good. The current advantages people receive on their journey of darkness from cooperating with darkness are incompatible with what they will loose in the future: “What is the good to man, if the whole world gained, but the soul was damaged?” (Mt 16,26) “Clean results cannot be gained by unclean means.” (A. Camus)
For many, the idea of Freedom is unclear. The idea of T.G.Masaryk is poignant, that “freedom is not an empty frame, where everyone fills in what they want”. The case is that since from a long time ago, by the will of the law maker of all natural laws, there is a natural moral Law, which all human powers on Earth adhere to. Therefore, the Czech philosopher Emanuel Rádl correctly asks “How do we return to the persuasion that moral order is the absolute master of the world?” Real, that is, positive Freedom tries to respect norms of The Law, negative Freedom rejects, ignores or hides and obstructs its recognition. That which is true freedom is also true for democracy, so therefore is possible to say that Freedom and Democracy have the same importance and the same essence. They are synonymous. “Freedom is the gaol and essence of democracy.” (T.G Masaryk)
Only the awakening of the human soul, which is the light from the Lord (Proverb 20, 27) can rid the darkness in a person’s soul and help it to good life giving freedom on the road of The Law. This main aim of people on Earth was even projected into a story about a prince (the human soul), who beat a seven headed dragon, which are the seven obstacles of light, which rule the human soul, that is, the princess. They are, in first place pride, then wrath – you don’t have to control wrath, it will control you (Seneca), greed, unchasteness often connected to the mistreatment of sex, which can be the main cause of diabetes. The fifth head of the dragon is over indulgence, the sixth is lies and hypocrisy – “The truth lies in God and God in truth” (Alma Excelsior) “Have a share in the work for truth.” (3 J 8) The seventh head of the dragon is laziness, which is important to distinguish from much needed rest. One’s own view of the world is the source of lifestyle.

3. Human power means to be able to realize goals of one’s own view of the world

The main goal of our ancestors was to defend their existence. For this the had the primeval equipment of even today’s people – muscle strength and power. What’s the difference between power and strength? There is a Big difference. Strength is “blind” and listens to everyone who controls it. Power on the other hand is intelligent, has its own view of the world, subject to the existence of the second signal system. Thanks to this power man was able to control the strength of nature (its energy source) and partially the strength of the universe (nuclear energy). The size and importance of the difference between strength and power will be made clear by the question : Is it possible that blind strengths perhaps from the whole of the universe had given to man something, that itself didn’t have nor understood, such as intelligence and the ability to think and speak? The correct answer can be deduced using logical thought. The correct answer can also be found in the Bible: “God has gigantic strength and amazing power” (Isaac 40, 26) “God gives people of the world power and strength” (Psalm 68, 36) "Acknowledge Godly power!“ (Psalm 68, 35) Positivity, that is, wise freedom doesn’t aim captivate the largest number of people, but strives for the highest quality of up bringing which improves and strengthens characters, that is, the disposition of people. “Wise rulers, strengthen the spine of the people.” (Lao C’) Unwise leaders, which support the existence of the Highest and Most powerful Intelligence and its will and power manifested in The Law, in the end always head towards totality either clearly or as concealed. In a real democracy, argument holds true, not cunningness and the fist. (T.G. Masaryk) The biggest danger for the healthy development of society, its human rights and for the power of democrats is the interconnection of the immorality of organized crime and the immorality of politics.
The situation in which, the wiser, those who know and respect the hierarchy of values are subject to people controlled by darkness, which has already seeped through their unconscious to their conscious thought, is called by the wise folk a government with a goat in the garden. Such a government could gradually devalue all democratic institutions and turn them into well behaved tools of totality, if it is so currently a part of fateful justice of Nature that is justice (reward) of God. Karl Friedrich von Schlegel (1767-1845) saw Europe as a stage for the historical fight between good and evil (light and darkness), on which the fate of the human race will be decided on and in which an important role has the crib of philatelic culture, whose representative is Alma Excelsior (1887-1956) and her objective spiritual work of literature written in native Czech.

4. Man should fill himself with light, not with darkness

We can read about the exchange of darkness for light in the bible: “lay aside your previous way of life, old humanity, which is dying from delusions of passion, come back forth with spiritual thinking, dress in new humanity created in the image of God, in justice and in the holiness of truth”. (Ef 4, 22-24)”As long as a life exists, it should gain more and more light (unless they fall into total apathy) until its death. Never be apathetic and stagnant. To live and not know why you are living means living like a fly or a nettle.” (J.A. Komenský) “Boredom is waiting for death.” (Hebel Johann 1760-1826)” Eternal idleness should be included amongst hells agonies, but instead it has been allotted a place amongst heavenly bliss” (L. N. Tolstoj) “ Thinking should be modernised, not weapons.” (J. Johanes) “Metamorphose by changing your thoughts!”(Romans 12, 2) Only positive, active freedom of people restricts the rule of darkness over the people. “Man is free only when he lives in truth.” (L. N. Tolstoj) “I (Jesus) am the way, truth and life.” (John 14, 6) “A connection with God gives man unbelievable power to overcome evil.” (Alma Excelsior) “Words of wisdom give life to those who find them, a health to their whole body.” (Proverbs 4, 20.22) “God gives to those that are kind to him wisdom, knowledge and happiness. Sinners however he leaves to grind away, search and collect things.” (Gospel 2, 26) “The insensible gain sense through misfortune.” (Democritus) “Why don’t you want to acknowledge, that the universe is conscious intelligence, since conscious intelligence is born from it?” (Cicero) “We must walk along the spiritual path and moral edges of society. The most difficult part in alterations is altering thought.”(M.Gorbačov) There needs to be a new renascence; much bigger then was the one we stepped forth in during the Middle Ages: a big renascence where man kind will discover that ethics is the biggest truth and most the effective, and with this it will free itself from it flimsy view of reality in which it trudges.”(Albert Schweitzer) This renascence is connected to the philatelic culture, which is written about in Revelations 3.7-13. The existence of the darkness bearer, that is evil, is wholly dependant on God’s will, which allows a temporary effect only in the frame of The Law. Totality leaders in the history of man’s kingdom were therefore not manifestations of coincidence and did not live against the will of God that is NNI. In the conditions of alternating society, responsibility, morality and the moral quality of people are and will be the most important factor and guarantee for a happy life. (Prof. MUDr. Jana Synková, Dr.Sc.) It’s a must to free oneself from not following The Law, and not freeing oneself from The Law.





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