24. Alma Excelsior about materialism

Through the spiritual perception of the Truth and the moral Law of the world, the Earth is saved from from earthquake and storm, hailstorm and downpour. By means of spiritual cognition and religious faith, we are saved from air catastrophies, tornados, gas explosions and other air, water, ground or fire evel. Materialism kills the soul, provokes cruelty in human, and changes human heart in stone. The stone heart is an expression of deepest materialism. Materialism leads people to self-indulgence which results in terror of the life after death -unbeliever's astral kama - loka, which is identical to the kama-loka of pride and parsimony. Materialism is connected with all offences within the astral order, mental and personal existence. It is impossible to describe the after death terror of consequences of material thinking.
Through materialism, the ethereal body is pulled in the physical body so that it does not reach over its contours. Thus the human loses the connection with the ethereal world, living in the sensual world only. The human is a materialist.
Should an ideally established human have connection with divine world, they need to be capable to pull out at least the ethereal brain out of the mortal ethereal head, over the head centre - thus allowing free passage to ethereal powers in the brain part of the ethereal head. This way, the ability of ethereal seeing, or the ability of feeling the streams within the realm of animal creative powers is recovered. This is where the "intuitive" comprehension of creative ideas and streams which inspire sophisticated spiritual art creation and all eternal displays of cosmic Intelligence Spirit acting through human beings, come from. Through easying of ethereal body and its conscious rising up the physical body, clairvoyant connection with the spiritual world is established. This may be seen in four forms: The lowest form is the imagination. You can see pictures with no explanation. The higher level of clairvoyance is the inspiration. You can hear the spiritual Word. Depending on the level of devotion, the Word comes from lower beings or from higher spiritual worlds. The third level of devotion is the intuition that may be further developed to the essentive intuition, which means direct ethereal comprehension of creative powers and essence of nirvanic and Buddhist world.
Earth gravity is connected with atrocious feelings of horror related to loss of physical body, the feelings caused by self-sensation. Materialists live out this horror more intensively since their self-sensation, the desire for physical existence is too strong to disappear with getting rid of the physical body. Hence the materialist lives out -yet in another form- the torments of suicide. Although they did not killled their physical body, the body was destroyed by astral disbelief in the soul. The soul was murdered - which is much worse than to murder the body. The materialism is connected with powers of abstemiousness and self-indulgence , which may be beaten by modesty, self-discipline and self-control over the astral body. The man who lets his consciousness enter this world, naturally indulges all world's delights. Firstly, it is the desire for good meals and drinks. Pleasure seeker does not eat to live but lives to enjoy good meals and drinks, to enjoy all delights of this world.
The case of Tereza Neumanová obverts the idea of materialism and demonstrates the existence of above- sensory life. Our sensory life is conditioned by the above-sensory life. The physical existence of Tereza Neumanová on the spiritual base (i.e. without physical nutrition) shattered the world materialism of today's culture in order to demonstrate possible existence within the sensory world, lasting due strong powers of above-sensory being. For spiritual life, food is not necessary, and one day will be replaced by breathing process. To achieve that, we all need to mature and become sunlight beings which do not succumb to astrality. We all may achieve the sunlight being when general mankind maturity allows us do that. This will happen in the time of "Seven trombones", the last earth era. (69-73) (Our remark: At present, the Aryan era is nearing the end, which will be followed by the era of Seven Seals, then the Seven Trombones era is coming.)


Our comments:Tereza Neumanová was born in a German family in Konnersreuth in 1898. She died on 18 September 1962. In 1918, while she was smothering the fire, she was injured, blinded and paralysed. On the day of her beatification, on 19 April 1923, out of the sudden her sight was back and - on the day of her canonisation, on 17 May 1925, she was healed from immobility as well.
Tereza Neumanová lived, from 1927 until her death in September 1962 (i.e. for 35 years) without any food and drink. Her only nutrition was everyday Eucharist - the wafer. She was repeatedly rejecting the idea that she would be living from nothing. "Nothing produces nothing", she insisted, adding, "it is not nothing, I live from the Redeemer. Surely he said, my body is aliment. Why shouldn't it be true for the life of our body, too ? He said it." She did not spend her life in bed but she was ministering for her parish and ill people tirelessly. Until 1947, neither a doctor nor a nurse were present in Konnersreuth. She was visiting and nursing ill people for many years despite the fact that her stigmatised legs did not let her walk much.
The book about the life of Tereza Neumanová was written by Dr. Johanes Steiner: "Terezie Neumanová from Konnersreuth, the picture of real life, written according authentic reports, diaries and documents".

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