Dictionaries include summary of concepts, i.e. our ideas. Substantial and accurate features of the ideas are expressed in their definitions. The effort aimed at disruption of these substantial features, namely as regards the term democracy, is a dangerous weapon of darkness. This concept-fogging consequently allows for the state power not serving the people, but people serving the state power instead, with impunity. There is no democracy and mutual trust without morals. Concept is the first component of human thinking. The second component of thinking is judgment, expressing the relation between two or three concepts. Third part of thinking is opinion that derives new judgment from two given judgments. The thinking that represents most important feature of human realm is mentioned already in the Buddhist Scripture Dhammapada (the Path of Virtue): Mind precedes everything that is, mind is the fundament, and mind is the creator. Anybody speaking or acting on the basis of unclean thinking is followed by suffering as wheel follows beast of burden. However, this suffering does not follow immediately after man trespasses the Law; it manifests itself only later, at the right time, as it can't be lost. Without this delay the mankind would not have the freedom of choice between light and darkness. Therefore the temporary existence of mankind on planet Earth can be called school of the Law. Thinking is conditional upon the existence of human spirit, of which we may read in the Bible: Human spirit is the light form the Lord. (Proverbs 20, 27)

Development of human realm takes place in sections of time due to our Parents, Father and Mother of the universe and both nature and the life in them. The most accessible spiritual book, i.e. the Bible, mentions seven days of God's creation at the very beginning, but these are not days of our week, these are cosmic days.

The fourth cosmic day reserved for our solar system is further divided in seven sections of time we call epochs. Third epoch was Lemurian, fourth Atlantean and fifth the current Aryan. This epoch divides itself in 7 cultures. Jesus Christ lived in the fourth, Greek-Latin culture. The fifth culture followed - Anglo-Saxon-German, reaching its peak at the end of WWI in 1918. At the same time sixth culture was born, the Philadelphian, whose cradle was the newly created Czechoslovakia. The seventh culture of Aryan epoch is titled culture of the Half-hearted. Division of Aryan epoch in seven cultures is described in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation, last tome of the New Testament.

Philadelphian culture is mentioned in Revelation, letter to Philadelphia. (Rev 3, 7-13) The word Philadelphia means loving one's brother. It can be derived from the text that there will be another major reconciliation of karmic burden of mankind in this culture. This will consequently enable new life of human realm, according to the norms of natural moral Law, which are also the norms of proper democracy and human freedom. Only development of this sort, through education and self-education, can ensure real spiritual peace, mutual respect and trust in relations between people, states and nations, without wars, egotistic violence, harassment (terrorism), lies and villainy. The road to this predestined development is represented in the three concepts mentioned in the title:
1. Ignorance,
2. Entry (direct path of the Law),
3. Struggle (between light and darkness).

1. Ignorance

1. The way from a suckling to cultured man is long. (S. Freud)
2. Our beings live within sight of heavens, and still our spirit remains enclosed in the cave of our nature and customs supplying us with immense volume of errors and worthless views. (F. Bacon)
3. Man is able to change in such a substantial manner as if he was born the second time. (E. Triolet)
4. Ignorance in itself is evil, because it is darkness. (Komenda Stanislav (1936) CR - scientist, writer, aphorist)
5. Root of evil (darkness) is the lack of knowledge. (Confucius)
6. When you lock your door against all errors, the truth will remain outside as well. (Thakur Rabindranath (1861-1941) India - philosopher, poet)
7. I have locked the door of my soul against error. The Truth said: "How am I supposed to get in now?" (Thakur Rabindranath (1861-1941) India - philosopher, poet)
8. The power of our conviction is yet no evidence of its correctness. (John Locke)
9. It is human to err, it is foolish to dwell in error. (Cicero)
10. It is a mistake to believe in everything, it is a mistake not to believe in anything. (Seneca Jr.)
11. Actual blindness is a horrible condition. But blindness to facts and ideas is even worse for the development of every man. (E. Oesch)
12. Man who does not change his attitudes is not a human being, but a monument. (Overland Arnulf (1889-1968) Norway - poet, writer)
13. Only the fools and the dead do not change their views. (Lowell James Russell (1819-1891) USA - diplomat, poet)
14. Before the world can change, man must change. (Brecht Bertolt, actual name Eugen Berthold Friedrich B. (1898-1956) Germany - poet, playwright)
15. A man is like what his thoughts are like. (Tomáš Eduard (1908-2002) CR - philosopher)
16. Everybody is a magnet for what he thinks about. (Jiří Solar)
17. Change yourself by renewing your mind. (Apostle Paul, Romans 12, 2)
18. Thinking, just like playing the piano or violin, takes daily exercise. (Chaplin Charles, actual name Charles Spencer Chaplin, (1889-1977) England - film actor)
19. If you have no bad thoughts, there will be no bad deeds. (Confucius)
20. Literature has an influence over people - it changes their knowledge. If we change their knowledge, we'll change them. (Ginsberg Allen (1926-1997), USA - poet)
21. Do not let yourself be lured to mistaken views! (1 K 15, 33)
22. For me personality is someone who contributes to the intellectual development of mankind by spiritual depth, by work, by relation to the world. (Höger Karel (1909-1977) CR - actor)
23. Man without principles and will resembles ship without helm and compass. Direction is changing with the wind. (Smiles Samuel (1812-1904), England - doctor, writer)
24. Lethargy and indifference are worse than ignorance. (TGM)
25. The unwise become wise through bad luck. (Democritus)
26. Every man's price is the price of the object of his endeavour. (M. Aurelius Marcus)
27. The highest objective of man is to become God's assistant. (W. James)
28. Journey thousand miles long begins with the first step. (Lao-C´)
29. Life cannot be without an objective - otherwise it would be a mere existence. (G. Eliot)
30. One cannot live solely on fridges, politics, accounting and crosswords. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)
31. It is not true that economy is decisive for everything. Morale is decisive. (A. Solzhenitsyn)
32. Grow spiritually, and help the others to grow. This is the content (sense) of whole life. (L. N. Tolstoy)
33. Those who do not live for something or somebody do not live. (Robert Walser)
34. There is moral law above human arbitrariness, binding for public figures, private businessmen, nations and individuals. It is a crime to breach that Law. (Champetier de Ribes, representative of France at the Nurnberg Tribunal.)

35. One of the most serious crimes: To mind-twist people and make fools of them. (A. Bělohoubek)
36. To honour able and honest people, that is the fundament of government. (Mo-c´)
37. Character is more than intellect. (A. Einstein) (Intellect - ability to think, reason)
38. Effort is an unavoidable condition of moral self-improvement. (L. N. Tolstoy)
39. Moral life is an endless endeavour. (L. N. Tolstoy)
40. You cannot live happily without being wise, honest and just. (Epicurus)
41. He who sticks with the Law shall become wise! (The Bible)
42. Plenty of the wise, that is the world's salvation. (The Bible)
43. The most important things are often those we know the least about. (Emil Oesh)
44. It is never too late to set off on the journey to good manners. (L. A. Seneca Jr.)

2. Entry (direct path of the Law)

1. You are a splinter chipped off the God. You have part of Him in you. (Epictetus, z 1st century AD ) Be perfect like your heavenly father is. (Matthew 5, 48)
2. Turn to me and I will turn to you, says the Lord. (Zachary 1, 3)
3. Man did not come to the world to eat and indulge in sensual delights, but to develop through service to neighbour and God. (Alma Excelsior)
4. The substance of human development is not to increase the outer, but the inner values. (E. Oesch) Inner values include spiritual-mental ones, i.e. permanent improvement and perfection of human psyche according to the Law.
5. Religion is a modified fruit of spiritual knowledge through initiation. Initiation is a direct entry in spiritual world. (Alma Excelsior)
6. There are many religions, but just one morality. (J. Ruskin)
7. Just like scaffolding serves the purpose of building up a house, our body serves the purpose of building up spiritual life. (L. N. Tolstoy)
8. By his sacrifice at Calvary Christ reunited heaven and Earth, and allowed everybody who accepts his impulse to find way back to spiritual life. (Alma Excelsior)
9. Connection with the God gives man extraordinary power to overcome evil. (Alma Excelsior)
10. Egotism (opposite of love) is a force that separates man from spiritual being. (Alma Excelsior)
11. Love is the driver of all the spiritual development of mankind. The meaning of worldly life is to develop love. By love man rises up to God, and becomes man of spheres. Man desecrated the word love, using it to speak of instinctive relations of human animalism shared by human and animal realm. (Alma Excelsior)
12. I (Jesus) am the way and the truth and the life. I am the light of the world. Those who will follow me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. (John 14, 6; 8, 12)
13. God is Love. (1 John 4, 8) God is light. (1 John 1, 5)
14. We may come closer to God only by deeds according to His Law. The more we get to know God, the more willingly we follow His Law. And the more we follow the Law, the better we get to know God. (L. N. Tolstoy)
15. He who follows His (God's) commandments shall remain in God, and God in him. (1 J 3, 24)
16. Progress does not mean that there are more machines (cars), but that people are morally better. (Dominik Pecka)
17. Everybody has to decide whom to serve in life - the powerful or the powerless; lie or truth; violence or love; evil or good. (Pavel Diviš)
18. The best way to improve mankind is to improve yourself. (F. Vymazal)
19. Even with a sword dangling above your head, let your mouth speak the truth. (Uzbek proverb)
20. Let's never be an instrument of violence! Let's not limit freedom of the others! Let's be examples of goodness, love and justice. (Alma Excelsior)
21. Those who rise above good and evil, who behave the same to friend and foe, who see God in all things, shall not be deserted by God, and shall not desert Him. (Bhagavad Gita)
22. Virtue allowed me to travel to the stars and the celestials themselves. (Seneca Jr.)
23. I have never been an atheist, because there hasn't been one day I would not think of God. I am a determined opponent of materialistic view of the world. To live morally, that is the right worshipping of God. Main content of the endeavours of individuals, nations and the mankind is to understand Christ's teaching, and behave accordingly. I can't imagine our man growing up without knowing Jesus and his teachings. To follow Jesus, that is everything to me. I repeat - Jesus, not Caesar is the sense of our history and democracy. (TGM)
24. The worst delusions and plagues of our times are rooted in complete separation of moral from politics. (V. Solovyev, 1853 - 1900)
25. When justice (and morals) disappear from the state, what else is such a state then, just a society that commits mass crimes. (St. Augustine)
26. There is no democracy without morality. And morality can be based solely on the faith in God. (Prof. dr. ing. Libor Brom)
27. It is true that here in this country (CR) regime has changed, but the godless system of government hasn't. Communists lied to people, telling them God did not exist. The present rulers do not say - there is no God, but they rule as if there was no God who knows how godless, i.e. wrong their government is. It is stupid and supercilious, crazy and dangerous to rule without God. Nothing will change in this country until those in power realize that. Correction - something may change, but definitely not for better. (St. Velický in 1994)
28. Real socialism was replaced by real amorality in November 1989. Pragmatism of the ruling party purposefully sidesteps moral values and ideals, invoked only verbally. This country and nation experienced decades of Nazi and then communist totalitarian regimes that preferred morality upside down, moral with prefix anti, through fear, repression, material benefits and promises. Can we join European nations as economically maturing, yet morally retarded people? Why is the right to justice subjected to power again? It's not just the right, it's all of us standing on a crossroad. Crossroad of our moral spirit. This might be our last chance to make politics healthier, straighten up and fight hypocrisy, fraud and lies effectively. If we don't do that now, not only we won't stop the moral degradation, but also put at risk the slowly and painfully emerging rule of law as the second fundamental dimension of a democratic state. This would raise doubts about the guaranteed protection of civil and human rights. (JUDr. Milan Hulík - February 1994) (Our note: Fundamental human rights are at the same time also fundamental obligation of the state power towards the citizens. Some democracies with poor government bypass the obligations by abusing legal exceptions from the basic rights and liberties).
29. Key to solution of the current situation in CR is moral revival of both our nations. (Walter Komárek, December 1994)
30. Nobody can claim our democracy does not develop. It does. But in the opposite direction. (M. Petrásek in 1996)
31. Supercapital limits democracy, reduces it to half-democracy that just cannot deal with many basic problems of this day. Popper is right, when he says about such democracy: neither people nor citizen rule. But do the governments rule? Or are they just caretakers - managers, bailiffs, trustees, servicemen - of planetary mansion for some hidden, anonymous ruler who dictates the mankind from the backstage how to live, or vegetate in comfortable emptiness? (K. Kosík)
32. Our democracy has to be a permanent reform, permanent revolution, but revolution of heads and hearts. True democracy, based on love and respect for your neighbour, and all the neighbours, is implementation of God's order on Earth. Democracy is a permanent effort to educate citizenry as a whole. Where democracy has faults, we have to overcome them, but not to overcome democracy. All the educational progress has to serve the purpose of correction of manners and life. Erudition, doctoral exams and titles do not guarantee politeness, honesty or bravery. I don't believe necessary reform can be purely economic. Moral reform of opinion has to be carried out simultaneously. If we turn from the light towards darkness, from love to violence - we will go back to our grave, from where there will be no resurrection. (T. G. Masaryk)


In case you haven't entered the journey of light, wisdom, i.e. moral of the Law, please consider our arguments for such an entry, and do it soon. You may thus establish the first thin connection with the spiritual world. The first external manifestation of your most important decision in life can be to get the Bible. Everyday contact with the spiritual world will be the best way to strengthen your resolve not to become victim to darkness. Other sources of information for cultivation of human psyche, improving the already established contact with the spiritual world, and making the thin thread of contact with spiritual world into strong rope can be found at SPMZ website: www.cz-eu.eu

SPMZ (Civil Association of Friends of Moral Law) professes Christian views as presented by Jesus, without affiliation to any religion, as it draws its spiritual knowledge not solely from secondary sources, but directly from the primary source of the newest initiator Alma Excelsior (1887-1956) that belongs to the highest initiators of the world. We welcome voluntary donations to support our activities sent to our address, and we thank for them in advance. We do not expect any support from the current state power. Translations to foreign languages are financially very demanding.

3. Struggle (between light and darkness)

1. Look, I have presented you today with life and goodness and death and evil; choose life to preserve yourself and your offspring, and love the Lord, your God, listen to Him and stick with Him. (5 M 30, 15.19.20)
2. There is only one way to win over the general evil in life: Moral perfection of one's life. (L. N. Tolstoy)
3. Therefore you shall live like children of light. The fruit of light is always goodness, justice and truth. (Ef 5, 9)
4. See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. (L 11, 35)
5. I am good to good person, I am good to the not good as well; thus I pursue goodness. (Lao-C´)
6. Loving the neighbour does no evil. (R 13, 10)
7. To love means to wish for the good of the others. (J. Doubrava)
8. Power is no truth or right. (TGM)
9. Democracy is one of the most appreciated, but also haziest political terms of the modern world - reads the Dictionary of politics published by Penguin.
10. Darkness rules the state where rogues dwell in the sun! (S. J. Lec, Český deník - 13. 6. 1994)
11. Egotism is a force that separates man from spiritual being. ( Alma Excelsior)
12. Follow the commandments for the love of God, and not for fear of Him. (Talmud)
13. Thanks to the benefits of spiritual knowledge by Alma Excelsior Czech nation has a hope to wake up from materialist lure and save itself and others. (SPMZ - 1995)
14. Never ask directly for something for yourself in your prayer. (Pythagoras)
15. Put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires, be made new in the attitude of your minds, put on the new self, to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (Ef 4, 22-24)
16. Just like scaffolding serves the purpose of building up a house, our body serves the purpose of building up spiritual life. (L. N. Tolstoy)
17. Call down goodness on those who prosecute you, goodness and not evil. Do not rely on your cleverness. Do not pay anyone evil for evil. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12, 14.21)
18. Whenever you face an adversary, you can overcome him by love. (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi called Mahatma - Great spirit (1869-1948), India - politician, statesman)


Where is the front line between the people of light who reject violence, and the people of darkness who rely on their information, technical and power superiority when achieving their goals? The answer is: not on the battlefields of wars, where people are killed, but in people's heads, i.e. in the ability to think that generates mainly view of the world. This is the highest control system that dominates development of self-control, self-rule and will. Similar answer can be given to the internal struggle of man with his own darkness. This permeates man's sub consciousness, as he prefers sensual life to spiritual one, in particular the carnal, i.e. Luciferian sex without love. The darkness permeates human sib consciousness for example by silent anger of citizens at sprayed new facades and broken newly planted trees, or demoralizing programmes of some TV channels. Long term growth of darkness in man enables it to enter the man's consciousness, and control it, while the man becomes willing tool, servant of darkness, and namely the passion inside. Development of darkness inside the man is also supported by improper eating habits and drug abuse.

The objective of good children of their Parents can be illustrated as a vessel (physical body) that contains mixture of darkness and light at the beginning. By gradual, and very time consuming development the children strive for correct response to what life has in store, and finally they achieve their objective, the last remnants of darkness disappear and there is only light in the vessel.

The objective of bad children of their Parents is opposite: to get rid of the remaining light in the vessel by fighting the bearers of light, fighting under the principle that good objective can be achieved by wrong and unlawful means. These children are wrong in their belief that power stratum can control the superstructure of ideological stratum, on whose existence the power stratum, including causality, completely depends. The children of light who have paid up their karmic debts, can then verify the truth of the view: uphold the order, and the order will uphold you. This view is described in the Book of Tao as follows: Every being carries darkness on the back, and embraces light. (Chapter XLII) Rhino has nowhere to stick the horn, tiger has nowhere to sink the claws, sword has nowhere to cut the blade. Why is it so? Because for them (or more precisely for a man who directs his life correctly) there is no death realm. (i.e. realm of darkness.) (Chapter L)

The problem of relations between the ideological and power stratum that does not take into account the time flow, i.e. more distant past and future, and concentrates only on present, is aptly described in the book by TGM Global revolution: I've been interested in the problem of war and revolution for ages; for this id the major moral problem - humanity has not been a mere word to me. And it is a Czech problem; the question Žižka or Komenský was expanded by Kollár and Palacký in the sense of Komensky. In our times Tolstoy has drawn general attention to the problem. I've seen Tolstoy couple of times. I could not agree to the teaching of not fighting back evil; I replied to him that everybody has to oppose evil, all the time and everywhere, and I confronted Tolstoy with the true humanitarian objective: to be always alert, to overcome the old ideals of violence, heroism and martyrdom, energetically and with love submitting oneself to work, petty work, to work and live! And when necessary to oppose violence and attack with iron - to defend oneself and others against violence.
Tolstoy did not recognize psychological and consequently moral difference between defensive and offensive violence. Incorrectly: the motivation is different, and it is decisive from moral point of view; both sides are shooting, but there is a difference between attack and defence. When two people do the same thing, it is not the same thing; mechanical act is the same, but the intent, the objective, the moral aspects are not. Tolstoy once argued arithmetically: there will not be more dead when the attacked do not oppose the attacker, on the contrary there will be fewer victims; the fight exhilarates people on both sides, and therefore more of them fall; when attacker is not opposed, he will relent and stop killing. Well let's assume this practical standpoint: when there is just one to be killed, be it the attacker! Why should it be the not attacking man, not committing any evil, and not the one who wants evil and murder! (T. G. Masaryk Global revolution - In war and at war 1914 - 1918. ORBIS, Praha 1925, page 75-76)

T. G. Masaryk in his book assessed only the immediate situation, without knowledge of karmic past of the non-attacker doing no evil. Czechoslovakia planned to defend itself physically against Hitler, and its weaponry finally helped to significantly improve German arsenals. How much money disappeared in the construction of concrete bunkers on the borders? The commandment to love one's enemies helps the man not to kill another man deliberately under any circumstances and for any reason, because otherwise he becomes willing instrument of dark forces, be it in defence. So Tolstoy was right in this dispute. Accidents are just demonstrations of our lack of knowledge of the past: what is to come will come, and what is not to come will not, regardless of the human will. Man was deprived of the memory of past reincarnations to prevent him from trying to achieve balance by imposing evil on his past enemies. (Alma Excelsior) The fight of the just against the evil-darkness and the unjust is desirable, but under the standards of the Law, not by breaking them.

Quotation No. 15 in this chapter 3 "Put off your old self and be made new" "may lead to the idea that it is possible to replace the darkness in us in some one-off act, such as following the about turn! order. The contrary is true. Replacement and development of light in us is a protracted struggle. Entry of man to the journey of light of the Law is just the first step on the road that continues in the next reincarnations. Cancellation of reincarnation in some Christian churches can be seen as the most remarkable success of darkness in its fight against the teachings of Jesus Christ. The source of originality and individuality of man is not his physical body, but his human spirit. Matter does not create life, despite the fact life needs matter to manifest itself. This means death takes away the matter, but not he life itself, not the spirit that gives life to the matter. (B. Jerie)

At the beginning we were seeds on the Tree of Eternity. Planted in the soil of time, we are supposed to grow as long as we develop the strength of the entire Tree of Eternity. When the seed becomes the Tree of Eternal Life, the temporariness of time will end. (Alma Excelsior) As the tree grows, the darkness that is our karmic teacher of the Law disappears.

Light connected to its Godly source is eternal, darkness is temporary, predestined for extinction. Please enter the path of light of the Law, if you have not set out yet.

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