21. What is the purpose of these texts?

These texts should help primary prevention, i.e. prevention of opinion against erroneous human evolution and evolution of democracy. Erroneous evolution presupposes the existence of a path of light, which is identical with the timeless, non-party, and no-church world view, which is based on the natural moral LAW, which determines the limits of power of freedom given to people. Evolution continuity of people with their previous and future lives on Earth, and their gradual spiritualization, i.e. filling oneself with light by overcoming darkness in ourselves and around us, is provided by reincarnation. Therefore, it is not true that death of physical body means the end of the existence of man and his accountability for how he managed his power of freedom on the Earth. Only the path of light will allow people to advance into the next era of development of human empire, and not to become the trash of evolution.

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