20. Excerpts from the book From Science to God - Physicist´s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness, written by Peter Russell. Published by the Dybbuk, Prague 2008 (Jan Šavrda, Sekaninova 12, Prague 2, Czech Republic, Tel.: +420 224 938 124) (The English original published by the New World Library in Novato, 2005)

How had hydrogen, the simplest of elements, evolved into creatures such as ourselves, able to reflect upon the immensity of the universe, understand its functioning, and even study the mathematics of hydrogen? How had a transparent, odorless gas, become a system that could be aware of itself? (Page 19)

Consciousness has zero mass. And we assume that the mass does not comprise the consciousness. (30) How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter? I now believe that rather than trying to explain consciousness in terms of the material world, we should be developing a new worldview in which consciousness is a fundamental component of the reality. (32)

There is no sound in the physical reality, simply pressure waves in the air. Sound exists only as an experience in the mind of a perceiver - whether that perceiver is a human being, a deer, a bird or an ant. In the physical world there is light of various frequencies, but the light itself is not connected to any colour, nor are the electric impulses that are transmitted from the eye to the brain. No color exists there. The green we see is a quality created in consciousness. It exists only as a subjective experience in the mind. (41)

Ultimately, there are as many different ways of perceiving the world as there are species of life in the universe. What we take to be reality is simply the particular way the human mind sees and interprets the physical world. (49) Everything we know, perceive, and imagine, every colour, sound, sensation, thought, and feeling, is a form that consciousness has taken on. As far as this world is concerned, everything is structured in consciousness. (52)

Imagine the nucleus of an atom magnified to the size of a grain of rice. The whole atom would then be the size of a football stadium, and the electrons would be other grains of rice flying round the seats. As the early twentieth-century British physicist Sir Arthur Eddington put it, "matter is mostly ghostly empty space" - 99.0000000 percent empty space, to be a little more precise. Then, if the physical reality is mostly empty space, why do we feel the world so material and solid? Why doesn't ´t the 99.9… percent empty space of my hand simply pass straight through the 99.9… percent empty space of the table it is resting on? The simplest way of explaining this is that the electrons spin so fast around the nucleus that they create an impenetrable shell through which other particles cannot normally pass. Imagine a person swinging a weight around herself on a piece of string: you can never get close enough to touch her, because the circling weight keeps you at bay. In a similar way, when two atoms meet, their electronic orbits stop them from passing through each other, and they behave as if they were solid balls. (46) Whatever matter is, it has little, if any, substance. (47)

When physicists insist that nothing in the world can ever attain the speed of light, they speak of material objects. Einstein pointed out that when speed changes, not only time and space change accordingly: the matter would change as well. When it comes to the matter, one should definitely think of increase rather than decrease - the faster the movement the bigger the mass increase. However, if an object attained the speed of light, its mass would become indefinite. To move such indefinite mass, you would need indefinite amount of energy - more than the energy available in the whole universe. Therefore - as scientists would explain, nothing in the world can ever attain the speed of light. Nothing -except for the light. The light travels at the speed of light. And the reason is that the light is not a material object as its mass is zero, at any time. Imagine a dematerialized observer (just the mind without the body), who travels at the speed of light. Einstein´s equations would predict that - from the view of the light - the observer does not travel anywhere, which takes zero time from him. This says something really special about the light: Whatever the light is, it seems that it exists in the realm where nothing like "before" and "after" exists. What does exist there is "now". (58)

The physical light is immaterial, nor is it a part of the material world. The same is applicable about consciousness: it is immaterial. The physical light seems to be the essence of the universe. Similarly, the light of the consciousness is the essence to us: without consciousness, we would experience nothing. (64)

Everything we perceive is created in our mind. Our feeling that we are a "unique self" is just a construction made in our mind. Naturally, we picture our "self" in the middle of the world that we are able to perceive, which gives us the feeling that we are inside the world. The truth is somewhere else: in fact, everything is inside us. You are not placed in the space. The space is inside you. (74)

Consciousness is the source and the creator of everything we are able to recognise. (80) When it comes to common worldview, we believe that consciousness emerges from the world of space, time and matter. This materialistic model of our reality tells us that the state of our mind depends on events that happen in the world of space, time and matter. If we perceive the world in the way that everything we know had been constructed by our consciousness, everything will be different. Having moved to this point, our peace of mind is not determined by our possessions or activities in the material world. We have created our own perception of the world. (82)

When the science accepts consciousness as the fundamental quality of the reality, and when the religion accepts God as the light of consciousness that shines inside of each and all of us, the two worldviews will get closer again. At the present time, more than ever before, we need a worldview that will respect spiritual search as it is the spiritual aridity of our time that was the cause of many crises we have had to face. (100)

The more you develop yourself, the more you can share with the others. And the more they develop themselves, the more they contribute to collective awakening. The mutual feedback not only bring more information and leadership for inner development: in addition, it results in better understanding and general wisdom. (105) At this point, we do not need any new knowledge. What we do need is to re-formulate timeless wisdom into the present context. (106)

During the recent centuries, our prevailing worldview was based on the assumption that the real world consists of the space, time and matter. Through this materialistic model we were able to explain most of phenomena and mysteries in our world - and the explanations are so good that we have virtually excluded God´s existence. Astronomers were able to look deep into the outer cosmos, to the borderline of the universe. Cosmologists were able to look deep back in time, to the beginning of the creation. And physicists looked deep into the structure of the matter, to study the basic elements of the universe. None of them has revealed an evidence of God´s existence or mere need of God´s existence. It seems that the universe somehow works without God. Thirty years ago, I would accept this kind of reasoning. Anyway, now I realise that the idea of God that me and the science rejected was naive and obsolete. … If we want to find our God, we have to look inside, deep in our minds - in the world which is still waiting to be explored by scientists. (107) (Note by SPMZ: This prospect has already been fulfilled by Marie Kubištová /1887-1956/, Moravian spiritual scientist, known under her literary and spiritual name Alma Excelsior.)

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