19. Spiritual views and opinions of Alma Excelsior for the 6th Philadelphian culture

Our earthly world may be described as the school of the human development. A man was not created and placed on this earth to eat and enjoy sensual pleasures, but to spiritually develop by providing services and doing good to his fellow men and to God as well. Today we stand at the threshold of the Slavic (the sixth) culture, which the St. John, the writer of the Apocalypse, called the Philadelphian culture. The word Philadelphia represents friendship of all people that is the brotherhood of all people. Spiritual love, which evokes and develops the true morality within the mankind, is the basic driving force of the sixth culture. We know, that love is about giving and not taking. The negative side of love is egoism. Egoism is a power, which separates a man from his spirituality. To enjoy sensual and personal pleasures is egoistic, but it may be refined and cultivated by arts, spiritual beauty and by inner life dedicated to love. Feelings of love for God, as well as love for everything and everyone, cleans the entire astral body. Animal-like excitement shakes the entire astral body and brings down its auricle light. Love is the ancient essence and fundamental principle of all beings. A man abused, ruined and defiled this word, as he uses it for the description of animal-like instincts and behaviour, performed by humans. We have to want to give, spiritually fulfil and support the lives of other fellow men. Love does not divide us but joins us together. Brotherhood and love is the road to unity. Morality, spiritual knowledge, brotherhood, love and tolerance is a save road and way to achieve peace all over the world. The basic principle of Slavic culture is the right to acknowledge rights of other individuals for their own spiritual live, to have own philosophical or spiritual opinions and right to belong to their nations. The transition from the materialistic living style, egoism and selfishness of the mankind into spiritually oriented and unified mankind, capable of living as brothers shall begin. This is only the beginning of the Slavic impulse, which shall last for centuries before it is fully developed and applied. The Slavic culture will peak in Russia.

Materialisms causes the ethereal body to shrink into the physical body so much that the ethereal body cannot reach beyond the physical shape of the body anymore. This causes the man to lose his connection with the ethereal world and thus he lives only within his sensual world. He has become a materialist. Shoes protect a man while walking. In the same way, wise manasic thinking protects a man from acting against God and helps him to follow the correct way of the spiritual love and abide by God´s law. Thoughts are the very essential principle of the human existence and are filled with the cosmic law of the Spirit of Wisdom and will affect our own wisdom, feelings and behaviour. Lucifer's logic is sophisticated, pretending to be wise but will lead us to a bad path, as it assigns other and wrong meaning to anything, contrary to God´s law. All people, without exceptions, are children of one heavenly father. It does not matter if they are Christians or have other religious believes. All that matters is, whether they harbour love in their hearts for their fellow man and for God. A religion is modified knowledge of God, gained through dedication to God. Dedication is a direct path to the spiritual world. We do not wish or will evaluate new or old religious traditions, because all traditions were needed and still are needed for the development of the mankind. We cannot defy them or laugh at them. Our Lord Jesus Christ, by sacrificing his life in Golgotha, connected the Earth and the Heaven together once again and enabled each of us to find our way back to the spiritual world, if we want to accept his assistance. Connection with God gives a man an incredible power to fight evil. Each spiritual knowledge has embedded within itself a spiritual and creative power, which was used by our Lord Jesus Christ when guiding his apostles. An art is the entrance to the spiritual science and the gate leading us to the spiritual knowledge. Down here on Earth, we are learning about scientific discoveries that were made thanks to hard work of their discoverers and the same is true about learning a secret science and its discoveries, which we cannot obtain by ourselves. A man, who does not work in the spiritual science, develops three higher spiritual principles: the wisdom of the soul, the wisdom of feelings and the wisdom of awareness. These three wisdoms are being developed in each man as each man goes through the earthly evolution. Only spiritual activities turn them into tools that help develop higher principles in a man. A correct breathing is the most important part of spiritual training. Each of us should evaluate whether we use correctly our earthly assets and whether these assets improve our spirituality or cause fall down of our spirituality. Astral approach is the base for the development of love and mentality is the base for the development of wisdom and virtue. The basis of the astral approach consists of likes, dislikes, sympathy and antipathy. Incorrect astral approach can destroy a physical body, whereas good astral approach regenerates the body. An average man usually tends to say that he is free if he can freely enjoy the pleasures of life and if he has sufficient amount of material things to satisfy his lust and cravings.

However this is not the true freedom. The true freedom lies only within the free spirit, filled with the truth and with the God´s law. Only if a man overcomes and defeats his lower instincts and connects with Jesus Christ he may reach his inner freedom. The true freedom does not come from war but comes from the spiritual knowledge and from observance and fulfilment of the God´s wisdom and love. A war contradicts freedom because it enslaves the entire mankind and forces people to live under the dictatorship of war. It prevents the development of the spirituality in man, gives a chance to evil, murder, theft, depravity and astral evil. To enjoy evil and cause evil in order to harm others is the beginning of black magic. Never let anyone to use you as a tool of evil! Do not limit the freedom of others! Be a good example of kindness, love and justice! Do not entertain thoughts of hate, envy, malice, jealousy, sexual lust or egoism! A suicide is a rebellion against God´s will. Creative work is the best protection against all evil and against temptations to violate the God´s law. A spiritual work is the most sacred prayer! Only through spiritual work we may evaluate our lives and not live only compensate for karma. Try to be self-sufficient, do not bother anyone. A man should surround himself only with things that he truly needs in order to be able to successfully work for the good of others, which brings his sole closer to the ideals of spirituality. Wisdom lies within the knowledge of God's laws. Without such knowledge a true wisdom cannot be achieved. That is why we have to understand and learn about God's laws. If we accept these laws with love in our hearts, then we inevitably reach the need to abide by these laws and to live by them. It is necessary to pay great deal of attention to our soul, as soul is the most important and valuable property we have, and therefore we shall dedicate a part of our daily lives to our soul. It is better to reject or to give up some of our pleasures, even artistic pleasures, rather than give up our soul, which gives us the path into the spiritual world, improves our spiritual personality and strengthens our inner powers.

The fifth Arian epoch (the sixth epoch is the epoch of the Seven Seals and the seventh epoch is the epoch of the Seven Trombones) is divided into seven cultural periods, so-called cultures: Hindu, Chaldean-Persian, Babylonian-Egyptian, Latin-Greek, Anglo-Saxon-Germanic, Slavic culture and Lukewarm culture. Within the centre of the Latin-Greek culture, the world's biggest story, which shall turn the world back to the divine world is beginning to take place. If it wasn't for the Golgotha mystery, a man would not be able to find his way back to God and the Earth would become the prey of abnormal creatures. Each culture has its birth and beginning, its infancy, its peak when its momentum dominates and rules the world, and finally time of its end and fall. Cultures are the stairs on the ladder of human evolution. They represent the learning and schooling. A man comes back to this world to gain new experiences. The presence is the fruits of the past. The future is being prepared now, in the presence. The gained spiritual knowledge, binds us to a work, which contributes to the evolution of the entire world.

Our comment: Slav, in terms of the spiritual development is not the biological origin of man, but the fact that man has become his own spiritual-moral prophet and carrier of the Word, no matter what nation he was born to.

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