15. Three Statements about Freedom and Democracy

1. We, who learnt from an involuntary experience in the best parts of our lives that free exchange of opinions and ideals is a fundamental condition for a sound democracy, believe that this condition will be honored and respected even in the future. (President Vaclav Klaus in his speech in the EU, Newspaper Právo, 20 February 2009)

2. This is obviously the first time in our history that we will become an integral part of a sympathetic truly democratic European union, … Either, we will participate in the present globally interconnected world with equal rights on the common growth of spiritual and also material values of our continent, or we will immure ourselves and prefer an illusion that it is better - for the sake of alleged national interests and vague national identity - to be like an inward looking and a bit putrescent outdoor museum. (Vaclav Havel in his New Year's speech 1 January 2002)

3. Under the conditions of society transformation, the responsibility, morality and moral qualities of people are and will be the most important motor and guarantee of a happy life in general. (Prof. MUDr. Jana Synková, Dr.Sc., Minister of Education and Physical Training, Czech Socialist Republic. Newspaper Rude Právo, 28 March 1989)

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