13. Introduction to six publications of the SPMZ (Association of Friends of Moral Law) on democracy, i.e. freedom

Subtitle: What shall we know and do so as not to become the dark

Light often represents life, wisdom, love, good, democracy and heaven on Earth. The dark, on the other hand, represents death, ignorance, decadent egoism, evil, totality and hell on Earth. The main difference between light and the dark consists in the fact that light exists thanks to electromagnetic radiation, while the dark exists where light is absent or is in little quantity. The dark does not have its own electromagnetic radiation, it’s just nothingness without any content.

What causes lack of light in people, in their subconscious in particular? It is obstacles standing in the way of light, which are represented by the forces of abnormal spiritual beings. These beings became abnormal as at a certain time they did not fill themselves with light that was necessary for them to advance to their next time stage. They just failed. However, they were allowed, to a certain degree, to negatively influence human beings living their lives on Earth. It is up to a particular person whether he/she will become a disciple of light or victim of the dark; this depends on his/her past, background, education and self-education. In fairy tale terminology, it is up to the free will of man whether he will sign away his soul to the devil in return for temporary advantages and will become an abnormal being in the future. To avoid that, man needs to know a model ideology of democracy. It is contained in this brochure.

The stalemate after elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2006 had one positive impact. It helped citizens to understand that the substance and priorities of democracy are not the struggle of political parties for power, but for light, which represents natural moral law (hereinafter “the LAW”) in the lives of people on the planet Earth. Faithfulness to democracy is consequently superior to party faithfulness. Everything that is contrary to the LAW is the dark, an amorality, which people are to uncover in them and overcome by following the path of light, that means the LAW. Interference in the objectively valid hierarchy of values causes the dark too. Anyone who in his/her own or group interest subordinates (1) the highest value (ideology of democracy) to an inferior value becomes the source of the dark both for himself/herself and others. The biological capability to create ideology enables human freedom (power) to be established (2). Human power enables the rule of human (3) law to be established. The rule of law is to regulate and direct (4) human behaviour, in the spheres of finances and economy in particular. However, the priority of the global economy is not democratic ideology, but profit, to which the above-mentioned values (1), (2) and (3) are often subordinated. Every power trying to replace the priority of light of democracy, which was set by Nature, with another priority implements the policy of anti-democracy, of the dark.

The natural development of light manifests itself by development from the mineral kingdom to the vegetable kingdom and further to the animal, human and spiritual kingdoms. Development preferring material values to spiritual values is consequently unlawful. The existence of people on the planet Earth can be compared to life in the underground space of a high-rise building with a great many overground floors. The overground floors are invisible for us as they form spiritual spheres, dimensions and élems, in which spiritual beings live. The whole building, however, has the same substance – it is energy and its various forms, which are inaccessible for people at the present stage of development towards light. The existence of these overground floors is confirmed by the latest discoveries of astronomy, according to which the underground part of the high-rise building (astronomic Space) represents just 4 per cent of the weight of the whole high-rise building. The material forming individual overground floors is called fine weight and is composed of astral and ethereal fine substances of various qualities; this material represents 96 per cent of the weight of all Space. The fact that man does not know or understand something is not proof that it does not exist. It is not a long time ago when people knew nothing about the existence of viruses and elementary particles of the microworld. Nowadays this knowledge is taken for granted. The hope of the obstacles to light to continue making light a subordinated servant to the dark is a hope that has no chance to succeed.

Štěpánov, February 1, 2007
František Venzara

Subtitle: What shall we know and do to fill ourselves with the life-giving light, not with the lethal dark making people into development waste

The scientific and technical revolution will soon be followed by a spiritual and moral revolution. This revolution will not be initiated by any world religion, but by the state power, which will realize the necessity to follow seven basic democratic principles specified below. If the world outlook of people and their organizations is in contradiction with these seven principles derived from the knowledge of natural moral LAW, it is a road into the dark instead of towards light. It is possible to say, therefore, that the right and duty of every state power is to ensure a sound development of moral health in accordance with these seven principles. This is the only way that can turn the development of society in the right direction, that means towards light, which is also the sense of the existence of people living in physical bodies on Earth. This is the only way that can keep non-democrats from deciding on the development of democracy and the only way that can reach harmony between the lives of people on the one hand and Space and Nature with their laws and plans on the other hand. A bad world outlook (and a bad lifestyle derived from it) is always the highest controlling system of people and their organizations and causes all evil, that means the dark in our souls and around us. The upcoming permanent revolution of heads and hearts will not deprive anybody of his conviction. It will only apply its right and duty to acquaint citizens with the basic principles of democracy, which are in harmony with the principles of human freedom and Jesus’ teachings.

Seven principles of democracy, freedom and Jesus’ teachings
1.The highest and most powerful intelligence
2.Natural moral law and law of retaliation
4.Impersonal life – display of love and service
5.Eating meat prevents people from living in harmony with Space, Nature and their laws
6.No anger and no revenge
7.Education in the spirit of freedom and democracy

Author: F.V. – September 2007

Subtitle: Two letters and an extract from a few newspapers and books

This brochure starts from the opinion that the state power of the political parties professing democracy is not only entitled, but also obliged to ensure that citizens, both young and old, are acquainted with the content of democratic ideology, its priorities and democratic values. The priority of democracy is only one, namely spiritual and moral cultivation of human psychics in compliance with natural spiritual laws in force, not just chase after material possessions and increasing the material level. The real democratic ideology is the opposite of materialistic and atheistic ideology.

The bad development of society that leaps to the eye could end the way that the hidden dark spiritual power, which tolerates and perhaps also controls this negative development, will “save” society from another advance to an inevitable tragedy with some other revolution, which will remove the negative displays of development, but the real priority of democracy will continue to be in its infancy. Such an alternative of social development and power based on the subordination of the essential to the inessential was already known to the French philosopher Claude Helvétius (1715–1771). He wrote that the road to despotism is easy and people seldom uncover the evil that a strengthening dictatorship is preparing. The only possibility of ensuring the building of a sound, that means really democratic society and state power, is to educate a sufficient number of real democrats who will identify and implement the ideology of democracy and democratic priorities in their minds and around them. A brief outline of democratic ideology and its seven democratic values can be found on the following website: www.cz-eu.eu. This brochure contains some other information and opinions which should not be overlooked and which should make all people and their organizations accept spiritual and non-party values as priority ones. They should also contribute to ignorance being replaced with wisdom and decadent egoism with an effort to live for others, which can be reached by following the path of light, that means democracy and freedom. In this way only the overground spiritual forces of the dark will lose their supremacy over people.

F. Venzara (March 2008)


Jesus’ teachings and the civic ideology of pure democracy have a common basis, which is natural law, that means moral law (hereinafter “the Law”). The Law determines the bounds of human power, in other words of the freedom of choice, and applies both to believers and atheists. If this power and freedom are to develop in compliance with the plan of development of Space and life in it, it is necessary to know the provisions of the Law and try to observe them in everyday life to the maximum extent possible. Every breach of the Law is a breach of democracy at the same time. One of the best known provisions of the Law is the Ten Commandments. What is new is a written declaration of the Association of Friends of Moral Law (the SPMZ), the Declaration of Moral Standards Common to All Mankind, which was published by the SPMZ in February 1999, a brochure by F. Venzara entitled The Seven Basic Principles of a Model World Outlook of Democracy, and this brochure.

Unlike the ideology of democracy, Jesus’ teachings know not only the Law, but also the Lawmaker making all natural laws, as well as both the past and present development of the human kingdom. The Lawmaker is called God, the highest and most powerful intelligence at all. The content of the seven basic and constant principles applicable for the development of the human kingdom is the same for Jesus’ teachings and democracy, only terminology is different. For example, breaches of the Law are called civil offences, transgressions, criminal offences, crimes, etc., while Christians use for all of them one expression – sins. Anyone who sins acts contrary to God’s law as a sin is a breach of the law (1 J 3, 4).

The top political goal of democrats is an orderly, peaceful, honest, wise, sound and mutually trustworthy society, which is characterized by a fair material level of all citizens necessary for a sound, not profligate life. Such society makes people better by making them more spiritual through a spiritual and moral education. This goal can only be achieved by knowing and respecting the Law. The pillar and central point of Jesus’ teachings is the Kingdom of Heaven called also God’s Kingdom, whose attainment is subject to the knowledge and observance of the Law. The priority of the Kingdom of Heaven over material possessions is expressed in Jesus’ teachings as follows: Search above all for His (God’s) Kingdom and justice and all the rest will come to you (Mt 6, 32). A common point of democratic and Jesus’ teachings can be the following statement: Cultivation of human psychics based on the Law. The sense of the lives of Jews is expressed in the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible, as follows: Man is to develop in God’s image, which is not material, but spiritual, i.e. heavenly. The priority of the spiritual, i.e. of the heavenly, is expressed in the very first sentence of the Bible: At the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. This means that at first there was heavenly energy, from which a small, 4% part was separated, which we call astronomic Space. This transformation of heavenly energy into the mass of astronomic Space is called Big Bang in astronomy. Mass only serves as a temporary development means of life on the way to God. Materialization of mankind is a step back. From the point of view of time, the lives of beings in physical bodies are just a tiny fraction of the seven fundamental development stages of Space and life in it, which heads for predestined goals. Democrats support the way ahead, non-democrats support the way back.

When Czechoslovakia split up and the Czech Republic came into existence, Prime Minister Václav Klaus said in his New Year speech in 1993 that next to political and economic reforms, our future would be characterized by the initiation of the spiritual revival of Czech society in compliance with the Christian tradition in the closest sense of the word. This third reform is still waiting for implementation. The Christian tradition can be found in Jesus’ teachings on the Kingdom of Heaven, which are recorded in the New Testament, the second part of the Bible. This and other publications of the SPMZ, as well as the websites of the SPMZ, www.cz-eu.eu, should contribute to the starting and implementation of a more and more pressing spiritual revival of society under the leadership of the state power, through the Ministry of Education. This Ministry, as the chief representative of the rights and duties of the State, must ensure a due education of new democrats, without whom a really democratic society cannot exist and develop in a correct, positive way.

The used biblical verses are taken from the ecumenical translation of the Bible and are to show identicalness with the seven basic democratic principles referred to on the title page of this brochure. The explanation of the abbreviations used in individual parts of the New Testament can be found in the Bible.

František Venzara (April 2008)

Subtitle: What shall man know and do to free his superior self from the rule of his inferior self?

Any jackpot in lottery is trivial in comparison with what man can achieve if he starts to live in harmony with the order of Space and Nature and realizes that man is not the highest intelligence in Space and that not all he likes contributes to his development towards spiritual perfection predestined by Nature. This first step is called in spiritual science the waking up of the “self” principle, i.e. of the superior self (spirit), to start activity that as the only one can (and is predestined to) gradually rule the inferior “self” principle of man, i.e. the inferior self called soul. The soul is an inferior “self” principle by reason that in the deep past it was burdened by instinctive astrality, which, apart from other things, manifests itself by desire for supremacy, even global one. The reworking of this instinctive and egoistic astrality (by the awake superior self) is called catharsis. Catharsis, however, is not a single and easy affair, but a long-term and exacting process of education and self-education. If peace is to be attained in people and among people (and among countries and nations), it is necessary that the education cultivating man’s character by catharsis become the priority in the lives of individual people and countries. This is what the SPMZ aims to attain too. Every country and every educational organization of UNESCO should aim to attain the same too.

An incentive to wake up the superior self can be the realization of the truth that everything in Space is subject to natural laws, including the development of human power. Exact science discovered a huge intelligence existing in Space and life in it, intelligence that could not arise at random. This intelligence is a display of the highest and most powerful intelligence, which Christians call God.

Materialism and one of its symptoms, atheism, is a display of the supremacy of the inferior self over the still sleeping superior self. And what if this opinion materialism is transferred to the vascular systems of people and manifests itself by heart and brain attacks, which are the most frequent causes of death? Cancer is the second most frequent cause of death. Professor Šekl, an expert in tumorous diseases, defines a tumour as follows: “It is a prominence caused by the growth of tissue, which goes beyond the uniformity of the organism.” This definition can also be used for the prominence of overripe egoism, by which man detaches from the order of Space and consequently from the order of his organism too, which is, with its latent forces, an individualized microspace. A certain connection can be found with the sweetness produced by egoistic abusing the fertile power of people. This sweetness can easily be incorporated in the blood of people, who may, say in their next incarnation, go down with diabetes.

The waking up of human spirit can be identified with the beginning of a conscious life in harmony with the order of Space. This beginning is also called putting on the path of the Law (natural moral law) or on the path of pure democracy. This path, however, is not a relaxing walk, but at times a hard struggle between good and evil, democracy and totality, the truth and the lie, self-discipline and irresponsibility, decency and indecency, honesty and dishonesty, treacherous spiteful acts and not paying the instigator of them back in his own coin, love and egoism, violence and non-violence, wisdom and expediency, lawfulness and amorality, knowledge and ignorance, remoralization and demoralization and fair play and unfair play.

A good picture of a country in which the inferior self ruled the superior self for a fair time and where the priority of the State was not the education of democrats, but producing fighters for the world supremacy, is given in an article entitled “Russia Facing Serious Demographic Crisis” (Právo Daily of January 6, 2001): “Alcoholism, poverty, infectious diseases that disappeared in the West a long time ago, devastated environment – all these facts bear down on Russia, which faces a dramatic decrease in the population.” In our country, education leading to pure democracy, i.e. education having as its aim the supremacy of the superior self over the inferior self, has not been the priority of the State for quite a while either.

On October 25, 2000, Professor Eduard Goldstücker, a leading Jewish intellectual who died not long ago, published in the Právo Daily the following warning opinion: “There is no progress. Perhaps progress only exists in improving the mechanisms designed for taking control of the world. The preferential and chief goal is making profit. All the other aspects connected with profit are insignificant and unimportant. We are going towards a disaster in a vigilant state.” A similar statement says: “The lie is installed as the order of the world.”

What shall do a majority of people who do not vote? To purposefully incline to the truth, about which Alma Excelsior (1887 – 1956), a brilliant representative of our nation that is still relatively unknown, said: ”The truth lives on God and God in it.” This truth is then identical with the path of the Law, the path of light and pure democracy. Such an inclination to the truth at the level of man’s “self” principles is the best defence, a medicament and prevention against the supremacy of the inferior self over the superior self, against the rule not of leaders, but seducers, who do not create good preconditions for people to become better voluntarily and based on their interior convictions.

Štěpánov, dated January 6, 2001
František Venzara

Subtitle: A textbook of wisdom and love

Thanks to its spiritual and ethical message, the Bible ranks among best-sellers worldwide. This brochure does not go into the biblical stories and instead provides the readers with information that they were born to develop in God’s image, which is the highest goal one can follow. The Bible also contains information about how man is to correctly think, feel, speak and act to reach the predestined goal of human life and to gradually approach both himself and others to this goal. If man acts contrary to what is written in the Bible, he thus creates obstacles to what he longs for most: happiness, inner peace, safety, health and good standard of living. Such people do what is considered as bad by the Lord. Although through amorality they can reach certain advantages, material ones in particular, these advantages are temporary and to the detriment of spiritual development. This was expressed by the greatest Roman orator and major statesman, writer and philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 B.C.), who wrote that only such behaviour is beneficial to man as is at the same time honest and moral. In this way only man will interfere neither in his own journey through life nor in that of other people. The Czech philosopher Emanuel Rádl (1873 – 1942) expressed himself in a similar way: “How will we come back to the conviction that the moral order is the sovereign master of the world?”

The uniqueness of the Bible consists in the fact that by means of sighted prophets, who were highly developed people from the moral point of view, “God notifies man of what He has in mind” (Am 4, 13). That is why the Bible is also called the Holy Scripture (the meanings of the used abbreviations are referred to in the ecumenical translation of the Bible from 1985). One of the greatest and best interpreters of God’s truth is Jesus Christ (hereinafter “J. C.”), who said: “My teachings are not mine, but of the one who sent me.” (J 7, 16; 12, 49; 14, 24). The one who sent J. C. on Earth is God, the highest and most powerful intelligence in Space, as well as in the spiritual and material kingdoms. “Yes, God wants all people to recognize the truth” (1 Tm 2, 4). Without the truth mankind cannot make progress, nor can it advance to the scientific, technical, ethical, cultural or social truth.

The Bible consists of two parts: the Old Testament, which deals with the teachings and history of old Jews, and the New Testament, which informs us about the founder of Christianity, the historical figure Jesus Christ and his teachings. The Old and New Testaments start from the knowledge of natural moral law. It is beyond human possibilities to cancel the validity of this Law or to permanently avoid the consequences of infringing this Law. Every human act can be compared to a boomerang, which gets back to the one who threw it after a certain length of time. Such a period of time usually exceeds a period of one human life on Earth. (Without this reincarnation possibility there would be no justice on Earth and God would be an unjust and wilful being.)

The opinion saying that the spiritual superstructure is just a display of the physical base, i.e. of the physical body, can be compared to the medieval opinion saying that the sun really rises in the morning and sets in the evening, in other words that the sun revolves round the Earth once in 24 hours. According to the Bible, however, it is the superstructure that is a base on which the life of the physical body is based. “What gives life is spirit – a body itself does not mean a thing” (J 6, 63). The physical body is only part of the mineral kingdom. However, the physical body enables the development of man towards spiritual perfection. The physical body also incorporates cosmic and macrocosmic spiritual forces.

Only by recognizing the existence of moral Law (and if we recognize the Law, it is necessary to recognize the Lawmaker too) man ceases to scrape along on Earth and waste his time (regardless of the stage of material welfare or education reached) and begins to become a cultural, wise and spiritual being with a good moral (and subsequently physical) health.

The intention of this work is to make the reader more familiar with the elements of the Bible and its undistorted ethical message. It cannot substitute for the Bible itself and inquiring into it.

Subtitle: How the ecumenical translation of the Bible caused the verse to the Jews 9, 27 to be falsely considered as evidence of the non-existence of reincarnation

Many people feel confident that justice does not exist in the world. Why should man be decent and honest, why should he not lie and call a spade a spade if this only causes trouble and disadvantages? The answer is: because it is an obligation set by the order of Space and Nature. Fulfilling this obligation enables man to live properly, to develop his qualities in a correct, positive way and thus to prepare a good future and good destiny for him. And what is the defence of the decent against the bad in power? Not to resort to pay back somebody’s injustice and persecution in his own coin, not to become a tool of amorality. Then St Augustine’s words will apply: “Keep the order and the order will keep you.” Contesting the existence of the natural order and its laws causes individuals to slide into materialism, atheism and the law of the survival of the fittest, which leads to the law of the jungle and totality. Such a totality could result in a modern slavery making people into zombies, that means people deprived of their humanity (and the possibility of developing their characters correctly). Contesting the existence of the natural order leads also to contesting reincarnation. The false idea that by the death of man his responsibility for using or abusing power ends, reduces his resistance towards seduction and the pressure of amorality. Man is lured to become a devoted servant of amorality, in return for some help provided and temporary advantages and benefits associated with it. The different opinion of reincarnation in the East and in the West, which has been existing for centuries and which arose due to the Caesar-pope power of Emperor Justinian, will soon be removed as a consequence of the developing Philadelphic culture, whose founder is the world’s greatest expert in natural moral Law, Alma Excelsior (1887 – 1956).

Anyone who has human power has educational power at the same time. That’s why Confucius was saying that to rule means to educate, that’s why the State in particular is obliged to acquaint young people at schools with elementary spiritual and moral aspects that can put them on the path of the Law, i.e. of natural moral law, which path is identical with the path of pure democracy, with the path of the truth, wisdom and spiritual love. Such education should be independent of the dogmas of the existing churches. In the lessons of civics at schools, the basic principles of democracy should not resemble a needle in a haystack.

8. „Maat“
The principle of old-Egyptian thinking

“Maat is the principle of all old-Egyptian thinking. This principle cannot be expressed in one word as it involves a few terms: the truth, right, justice and order. According to the local belief, this principle was presented to the population of Egypt by gods upon the Creation. The Pharaoh was its guarantor and the Egyptians tried to follow this principle whatever they did.” (Professor Miroslav Verner of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Rozhlas Weekly No. 21/2008)

František Venzara, June 8, 2008




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