12. Seven basic principles of the model world outlook

The political parties in the Czech Republic have to, in accordance to the 5th article of the Constitution of the Czech Republic (The political system is based on a free, unforced generation and a free competition of political parties respecting the basic democratic principles and rejecting the violence as a tool for the assertion of their interests), to respect the basic democratic principles, which are not exactly mentioned by the Contitution of the Czech Republic though. The Constitution of the Czech Republic does not even mention the priority of the democracy, which ought to be common and obligatory for all democratic political parties and for all democrats on the Earth as well. The priority can be seen in the protection of the democracy against the false freedom of citizens, organizations and also media and the development of the democracy in the state by way of the democratic education. This education assumes the knowledge of the democratic world outlook, which is, as well as every world outlook, the highest regulating system of the occupier of every human power, human being and the organization as well. The content of the real, i.e. ideal, also pure democratic world outlook is to be consistent with the natural moral law (hereinafter referred to as the Law), which is just one.Therefore is there also just one outlook of the real democracy and it is superior to all political parties whose concept of the pure democratic world outlook is divergent, different. The Law represents the natural law, which the Constitution of the Czech Republic is based on. The quality of the democracy of the particular political parties cannot be judged merely from their programmes. Instinct of self-preservation of the democracy says that the essential democratic issues and the priority of the democracy ought not to be decided by the non-democrats and non-democratic parties not only in the Parliament, but also on the lower levels of power. This principle should be also projected into the law on political parties, election laws and the promises of the elected democrats that they will hold their offices in agreement with the real democratic world outlook. By the discharge of their office the employees of the civil state and municipal power ought to be obliged to conform just to the pure democratic world outlook. A conscious superordination of the truth of the false witness to the objective truth, as it is often done by the public body, is an utterance which leads into the obscurity and totality.

1. The first, most important democratic principle is a non-church and non-party acknowledgement of the existence of the Highest and Most Powerful Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as HMPI) which is the Creator and Keeper of the universe and the life in it. HMPI is also a legislature of all natural laws. HMPI has planned longer and shorter consecutive stages of the evolution of the spirituation of human life, which can be compared with the grades in human school. Who fails at the end of the grade, because he did not fill himself with the prescribed amount of light, cannot move up into the higher grade and can also become a conscious servant of obscurity, i.e. evil.

2. The second basic democratic principle is the acknowledgement of the existence of the natural moral law (hereinafter referred to as the Law), which sets borders of every human power on the Earth and is completed by another natural law, the law of reward, which sets the later fair reward for keeping or breaking the Law. The attitude of the people to both these laws is the primary source of good or evil on the Earth. The freedom of choice people have been given by the nature is based either on the release from the Law, which is called demoralization and amorality of all kinds, or the release from breakung these laws which is called the remoralization and democracy. The Law is the best and cheapest primary, i.e. the opinion prevention of the results of evil, which are caused by the ignorance of the Law.

3. The mystery of the human life and death of the physical body is related to reincarnation which is a word of Latin origin and means again in flesh, i.e. in physical body of a human being. The reincarnation is a necessity of the human evolution because it is impossible for a person to approach considerably the predetermined goal of the human evolution in physical bodies during one incarnation which is the lightening, i.e. spirituation of the human being. The exclusion of the priciple of reincarnation from the Christian doctrine in 553 can be considered a big victory of obscurity. A deeper study and realisation of all seven basic democratic principles in human life needs a longer time than one human life.

4. The law of impersonal life, which is also called the law of wisdom and love, can be uttered by the saying that you can take only through giving, that the human lack of love is a big diversion. We are filled with light, contentment and spirit only by the effort to live for others. In this way, the human life is given a sense and the ability to defeat the forces of obscurity in it and also around it. The law of love has also been projected into the astronomical universe. A star, the gravity - selfishness of which has prevailed over its shining – love, has been called a black hole. The nearest star which enables the terrestrial life by its shining is the sun. The effort to promote the cognition of the importance of the democracy tells the democrats apart from the non-democrats, who profess the democracy though but in fact serve the non-democratic aims of their or group egoism.

5. The reduction of eating meat at first, later no meat, that is the fifth democratic principle. Eating of meat stands in the way of the spiritual development of a human being and encourages the every day mass killing of animals, our younger brothers. The killing of animals bears relation to killing people in the wars. Most people do not realize this responsibility and relation yet.
Beside the physical malnutrition there is also the spiritual (thinking) and mental (feeling) malnutrition. This psychic malnutrition is more dangerous than the physic malnutrition since it is the primary source and primary cause of both psychical and physical diseases. It also creates conditions for the aberrant development of people and democracy.

6. No anger and no revenge. These are negative forces, which enable the dark forces to seize a person. A democrat knows that the reward for wilful acts and deceitful attacks on the consistency of his issues and of himself belongs to the state power. In case that justice is not assured by the democratic state power, it becomes a matter of God. A democrat may by no means get provocated to his own revenge, i.e. to breaking the Law, because i would be a return to the dark level of his enemies.

7. The seventh democratic value is the upbringing of the nature and character of people. An educated villian is more dangerous for the society than an uneducated one therefore people and the state power are desirable to turn this old truth into a democratic priority in the families, at schools and in media as well, so that the amount of real democrats in the society could prevail the amount of non-democrats, so that the development of the democracy could be decided only by the democrats.

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