10. Excerpts from the article of Petr Koudelka, published in ROZHLAS weekly (hereinafter RW)

There are people around us, and they are not a few, maybe they make even majority, who should be given back the awareness of values. One thing is for sure – the media don't do this. What we live through is a fall into the unknown. Their very staff, even those in control, need to get back their awareness of values, moral criteria, civilization rules, natural law standards. If the situation had been different, the media would have called every day and ever louder: When is this going to blow into our faces? We have abandoned our honest principles, we have loosened all the ethical norms. And those who lead us are twice as much dishonest and immoral. They get away with everything, thus keeping us in peace. (RW No. 2/2006)

We are controlled in a manner that has no parallel in history. They are corrupted, each and every one of them. What we see is a simulation of justice. What represents a fatal threat is the way we live, danger of absolute frustration and waste. We have to look at the world through different eyes than we have done so far. (RW No. 14/2006)

Communism collapsed, but nothing could be heard, no bang, nothing is happening. On the contrary, wherever you look, the society is much more callous, motionless. Yes, people have fun. You can have as much fun as you like. But deafness and blindness have taken over the arts, politics, even the educated circles, if there any surviving and still thinking about the times and people. Everybody is unhappy about something, mostly unaware of what that something is. Because there is no dissatisfied society, we have nobody to confide to. Therefore we can't agree on how to throw off the government. By the way we have no idea what government, because we don't know it. We don't know who rules us. The helplessness we suffer from is due to lack of information. It is a paradox that I'm complaining about the lack of information, while we are being forced to believe in how massive the supply of information is in this society. We lack the right information, I hope everybody has gathered that by now. We have no clue what is going on, who controls us, who manipulates us. (RW No. 26/2006)

World with a spiritual dimension is a world of decent people. The childish question: "If you could choose, in what time you would like to live?" has exactly this answer: in a world of decent people. How many times I have answered myself this question, and realized the century is not important, it can be anywhere decent people live. We don't know what it means decent people, what is a spiritual dimension, because we have no idea of what we have lost. Something has been taken from us, and we don't know what it was. I don't know. The only absolute certainty I have – that's what I'm missing. (RW No. 30/2006)

Not the truth we are somehow linking to John Hus, but lie has taken control of the society; people wake up and lie down with lies, parents teach their children to lie from the beginning, lies, pretences and "selfish gene" are drivers of lifestyle. The only thing that makes sense is to get rich.

It is necessary to keep the masses unaware, keep reducing the level of education and make sure these people don't wake up by some accident. (RW No. 34/06)

It is well-known fact everybody lives a double-life: on one side it is the daily working-for-living, on the other participation in a higher order of things. As a philosopher might say, it is a life in valley, and life on a hill. Shopping, career and politics are in the valley. Life on the hill can be hardly defined, but we can put culture and spiritual matters here - so to speak what exceeds us. This life is directed by the slogan "we are what we are searching for". Just being on the way, being aware of it gives us part of the other world. If we are able to create at the same time, in any way, we are saved. To participate in this higher order of things would be a real way out. Even the science is currently close to such hopeful idea. We might find something else, but this could easily do for a start. But what if we fail? Such possibility is more than likely. Then we face the same burning question: What to do? Well – move somewhere on the hill. (RW No. 42/2006)

The only thing in which man has changed through all those aeons, and what is completely new, is the loss of belief in the divine. We are the first atheistic civilization. Presence of the transcendent, respect for secrets that are above man can be found in the funeral rituals even in prehistoric caves. We are here, on Earth, and we feel uneasy. It is true this applies mainly to the western civilization, but its atheistic campaign is conquering the world in every direction. Nobody appears to relate the loss of gods with the loss of criteria of morality and humanity. (RW No. 46/2006)

How can we get everything right? How can we handle all that? We ask like this desperately when watching the evening news, listening to radio, reading newspapers, seeing and hearing every other item is about disordered ethics. Crimes and petty pranks of both the big and small, cheaters and politicians, famous villains and people in dignified and acknowledged posts can be always accompanied by the same comment: decline of morality. And yet – everything is happening, apart from getting the morality right. What are all the new measures for, replacing those old ones, new laws replacing the ineffective ones, police raids, preventive actions, follow-up actions…… when nobody cares about the main thing – morality? Lie and pretence are good assistants of bad morality. They help rogues and villains not to get caught. Not to let anybody know about the scope or nature of their wrongdoings. There are so many wrongdoings that we can't handle them anymore. Who? Family, society, courts, police, neighbours, teachers, nobody. One feels like crying out loud: wouldn't it be worth it to invest energy in encouraging, or even re-building morality, instead of new protective walls of laws and regulations? How easy it used to be back then, when everything parents had to do was to give the child a stern look, and teachers to rise an eyebrow to achieve what even armoured police, diagnostic institutions and prisons for juveniles can't achieve today! And still – no one seems to bother with morality and ethical education. (RW No. 14/2007)

Our entire life is driven by the law of noteless drift. Nothing has changed! This is how it goes. Nobody notices anything. And when they do, it's too late. Typical example of the noteless drift are our children. They are suddenly completely different from what they used to be like ten years ago. They kept changing day by day, imperceptibly, and suddenly they changed into monsters attacking old ladies, always wet, with no respect for authorities or ethical limits. They organize raw fights and record them on their mobile phones. Not all of them have become like that yet, but the teachers fleeing schools will tell you – the time is not far away. The society has lost the innocence of its children through noteless drift. And our democracy has lost its innocence in the same manner. This is not the good old honest democracy. The parliament has changed imperceptibly, too – no more representatives of people there, just representatives of parties and lobbyists, who stopped protecting our interests long ago. What happened to the media? Most of all they are interested in sex, violence and death. They don't deserve the power they have. (RW No. 22/2007)

I've had this feeling for a long time, that my life is governed by money. When I want to do anything important, or even absolutely unsubstantial, I have to counsel the money. I pen my wallet, have a look and ask: Can I? Can't I? Will you let me? And the money gives condescending nod, or says resolute "NO", even in case it is not there. How did this happen, when did this mere tool of exchange get its incredible power? Even the richest and most powerful people are just slaves to money. It seems the money is an independent force, massive energy, the highest power, the deity. The scenario feared by sci-fi writers has come true. The blind force has got out of control of man, and started to control him. How come that it was our time, when the money got out control? Didn't it control the world in the past? The answer is simple. God used to be above the money, everywhere you looked. With the "disappearance of God" there is nothing that would have the money in check. The money took God's place. (RW No. 26/07)

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