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Scientific-technical revolution will soon be systematically followed by spiritual-moral revolution. This revolution will not be started by any of the world religions but by state authority, which will realize, that it must also follow the seven fundamental democratic principles stated bellow. If the worldview of people and their organizations is in contradiction with these seven principles derived from knowledge of the natural moral law, it is a path to darkness instead of light. Therefore, it can be said that it is the right and duty of every state authority to provide for the sound development of moral health according to the stated seven principles. Only then will the development of the society turn in the right direction to light, which is also the meaning of the existence of people living in their physical bodies on Earth. Only then will the non–democrats be prevented from deciding about the development of democracy. Only then will there be harmony of life of men with the universe, nature, its laws and plans. Bad worldview (and bad lifestyle derived thereof) is always the highest governing system of people and their organizations and is the cause of all evil, i.e. darkness in and around us.

The constant revolution of minds and hearts, which is at hand, will not take away anyone’s conviction; it will only use its right and duty to make people acquainted with the fundamental principles of democracy, which are in harmony with the principles of human freedom and teachings of Jesus. (F.V.)

Introduction to the brochure Seven Fundamental and Invariable Principles of Human Development by František Venzara, September, 2007

1. If fine art is not filled with moral ideas common to all humankind which can only unite people, then such art serves just as a pastime. (German philosopher Immanuel Kant, 1724 – 1804)

2. An artist is a high priest, or more or less skilful comedian. (Joseph Mazzini, 1805 -1872, co-founder of unified Italy)

3. Art takes its appropriate place only if its task is the moral improvement and if it helps people to seek the truth. (John Ruskin, 1819 – 1900, English historian)

4. Art is the anteroom of spiritual science and the gateway to spiritual knowledge. (Alma Excelsior, 1887 – 1956, giver of deep knowledge of the spiritual evolution of the human realm for philadelphic culture)

5. Creative power is a mysterious expression of God’s forces in man. (Alma Excelsior)

6. Art is a God’s gift, if it sprinkles out of a noble and clear soul, passionate for God, the Good and beauty. But not every work of art results from this basis. Many are stained with megalomania and desire for money. If it is like this, it cannot edify men, but it demoralizes them (Alma Excelsior).

7. Spirituality can influence men not only from the spirituality itself, but also by the means of arts of sensory earthly world. The sense of art is the spiritual fertilization of man through Beauty accepted by men. (Alma Excelsior).

8. However, today’s art often deals with astral topics of the monstrosity of lunar sphere. It does not lead men to the ideal depiction of Devachan good and beauty, but to the monstrous depiction of ugliness, monstrosity and to the primitive images of the negative forces of abnormal astral world, which leads to degeneration.

9. Spiritual art is the fruit of the ethereal life of the immortal forces of the artist’s ethereal body. That is why such art agitates human life forces and it can inspire people to be good, moral and to have sense of beauty and ideals. Thus, the forces which build, which bring bliss and joy, are strengthened and develop human hearts.

10. Real art always helps to humanize and deepen human nature. (Czech writer Josef Hora, 1891 – 1945)

(SPMZ – 28/10/2007)

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