7. Eating meat prevents people from living in accordance with nature, space and their laws

From the beginning of its development in physical body, the whole human kingdom has had a herbivore digestive system, unlike the animal kingdom, in which only some animals are vegetarians, e.g. elephants, giraffes, camels, hippos, rhinos, gorillas, kangaroos, hares, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, bulls and especially our cows. Mad cow disease and the possibility of its transmission to people have pointed out that human intervention in natural order, not only alimentary, cannot be without punishment. The ability of human digestive system to eat also animal meat cannot be considered nature’s consent to eat meat even at the time when there is enough herbal food – unlike animal herbivores who do not have this liberty to choose. People buying meat conclude wrongly that they are not jointly responsible for things which happen in slaughterhouses. They, together with meat industry, are especially responsible for the fact that these animal slaughterhouses still exist and they are the main cause of human slaughter in wars.

The fact that all people are herbivores is proven especially by their alimentary tract with 6 – 7 metres long small intestine, necessary to ensure enough time for the absorption of nutrients from herbal food. The intestines of carnivores are considerably shorter. Carnivores do not sweat but regulate their body temperature by putting out their tongues and fast breathing. Herbivores have sweat glands in their skin which regulate their body temperature and also excrete waste substances. Enzyme ptyalin in herbivores saliva helps them decompose carbohydrates into sugars. Carnivores’ saliva do not contain ptyalin. Carnivores secrete ten times more hydrochloric acid than herbivores because they need it for the decomposition of meat and bones. Carnivores have jaws which can move only vertically, while herbivores have jaws which can move also horizontally to facilitate chewing. Please, check this truth with your own jaw. Flesh and strength of all animal herbivores, especially elephants, did not originate from the meat of other animals, but from plants. This means that eating meat is just a useless taste interlink, which needs 16 kg of corn for the production of 1 kg of meat. Considering the fact that the increase in population of our planet by one billion people has been recently shortened to only 12 years, it is also good to know that 100 grams of meat give us 133 calories, but the same amount of wheat gives human body 331 calories, peas 344 calories, rice 356 calories, shelled nuts 682 calories and butter 793 calories. Nowadays we know that the kidneys of people consuming meat are three times more burdened than those of vegetarians. Meat eaters consume meat poisoned with depression, terror and weeping of maltreated and slaughtered animals. This also leads to mental disorders of people. Apart from other things, eating meat also supports perverse sexuality. Everybody who eats meat supports without knowing the development of violence in the world.

Plutarch refused eating meat with the question: Where did it come from that you soil yourselves with blood if you have so many other ways of livelihood? Why do you deny that land can support you? Are you not ashamed to add blood and killing to the fruit of land? Zarathustra got to the core when he explained that space energy comes to plants and fruit with sunrays. The Sun comes into you when you eat the fruit of fields. Fill yourselves with its spiritual energy! Henry David Thoreau was also sure that human race will, in its gradual development, quit eating animals, just as primitive tribes quitted eating each other when they met civilization in higher stage of development.

Even medical science which used to support eating meat has recently come to conclusion that eating meat does not support healthy development of people, but it is detrimental to it. In 2003, ADA (American Dietetic Association), which is not a vegetarian organization, published a document stating that well planned vegetarian diet is healthy, sufficiently nutritious and brings about advantages for the prevention and treatment of some diseases. The ADA opinion is the summary of contemporary scientific knowledge of diet specialists. This theory was proven by the Danes in World War I and by the Norwegian in World War II. During World War I, the complete land and sea blockade of Denmark made this country take one-year austerity measures, which almost removed meat from the diet of this nation. To the great surprise of the authorities, the statistics by the end of the year showed the improvement in state of health and the decrease in mortality by 17 %. A similar programme in Norway during World War II brought the same results and, moreover, a significant decrease in mortality of circulation disorders. After the end of the austerity measures, when meat became common food again, the mortality in both the countries reached its pre-war level. Why have people and their leaders forgotten about this experience?

The refusal of eating meat by people is justified by a philadelphic opinion that man has astrality in his soul, which is common to both man and animal. That is why man could keep domestic animals, but not for meat. He could keep cows for milk and butter, but he should not kill and eat them. People eating meat eat bodies of their younger brothers, which is fratricide. When humankind gives up eating meat, morality and world progress will flourish to an undreamt-of extent. Only then Christ’s principle of universal love will come true on the Earth. Eating meat immediately creates the karma of bloodshed and it finds an outlet in wars. That is why world peace is at the same time dependent not only on the development of human intelligence and morality towards people, but also on universal love expressed to all other kingdoms, especially to the animal and vegetable ones.

For the above-mentioned reasons, not eating meat can be considered one of the basic principles of the world opinion of model democracy.

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