839 Quotations, chosen and arranged by František Venzara (F.V.)

from the above book (ISBN 80-865-19-02-3), selected by F.V. The sources of these 69 quotations are listed in the book.

1. The basis of human development is not the increase of exterior values, but the increase of interior values. (E. Oesch) (Our note: Even millionaires commit suicide.) Citation no. 1.

2. What the individual, nation, people take away from the law, truth, justice, tolerance, they contribute to unhappiness, which is necessarily brought on by self-regulation of the code of moral equilibrium. That which you take away from health contributes to illness. And therein lies the code. What you take away from good contributes to evil, which catches up to you. (Our note: Sooner than later.) 2

3. Everyone must make a decision in their life as to whom to serve—the powerful or the powerless, lies or truth, violence or love, evil or goodness. 3

4. Society without good character decays; the society thriving on good character, bountifully expands and blooms. Thus the most important work of a nation’s educators is to build good character in the young. 4

5. All children should hear some instruction on righteousness and morality. 6

6. It cannot be said that democracy in the Czech Republic is not developing. It is developing. But in the opposite direction. 16

7. There is only one means to succeed against ordinary evil in life: Moral improvement in one’s own life. 18

8. As we are all subject to the cosmic code, we should know that code. 20

9. Progress is not defined by more machines, but by more moral people. 36

10. It it necessary to modernize thinking, not weapons. 56

11. God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. 80 (John 1:5)

12. Don’t fool yourself: there is no playing with God! One reaps what one sows. 87

13. For, lo, they that are far from thee shall perish. (Psalms 73:27) 90

14. I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life. I am the light of the world. He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. 109

15. Connecting to God gives a person extraordinary strength to resist evil. 123

16. The soul is never born and never dies. If it was not born, it cannot die. It is eternal, and does not die when the body dies. (Bhagavad-Gita) 144

17. By the sun and its brightness, by the soul and by those who give it balance and breathe in sinfulness and godliness! Who purges the soul will profit, and who neglects it will suffer. 158

18. To live without faith is not to live, but to suffer. 170

19. Today there is a lack of faith, marked by profound confusion and hopelessness. 171

20. In prayer, never ask for anything expressly for yourself. 185

21. The truth lives in God, and God in it. 194

22. The soul has priority over the body. 208

23. Even if the sword is hanging over the head, the mouth should speak the truth. 214

24. Transform yourself by renewing your thinking. 226 (But please compare your ideology with that of model democracy.)

25. True democracy depends upon morality. 263

26. The wise man is not a fanatic. 265

27. Love is one of the most important (spiritual, i.e. light matter) energies in the universe. 271

28. Love is living for others, not for one’s self. We serve our surroundings and human society best when we are there for others completely and correctly. (The opposite of love is egotism.) 277

29. The reality of rape and brothels convinces us that love is not created by the joining of flesh. 354

30. Fools increase via the foolish thinking of unhappiness. 361

31. Where no wood is, there the fire goes out. (Proverbs 26, 20) (Where no ignorance, no stupidity, no hate, nor injustice is, there evil goes out.) 390

32. True democracy, founded upon love and respect toward one’s neighbors, is the establishment of God’s plan on Earth. Democracy is the lasting effort to educate the citizenry. If democracy has imperfections, we must perfect those deficiencies, not perfect democracy. 411

33. Economic development which ruins people is madness. 422

34. Democracy reduced to elections or majority rule is democracy in name only. 446

35. Try to live without violence. 493

36. Christianity has not let us down, but Christians have. 508

37. Reason, never violence, will lead people to the truth. 516

38. Keep the code and the code will keep you. 531

39. The scientific technological revolution must be accompanied by a moral revolution. 541

40. When laws are broken, countries await break-up. 548

41. All evil in life comes from spiritual emptiness, boredom, and sloth, and it is inevitable when a person is used to living on somebody else’s tab. 561

42. Clean goals cannot be reached by dirty means. 566

43. The highest goal a person can have is to become a worker in the Lord. 569

44. Drugs—an unconscious expression of the hopelessness of young people in emptiness. 593

45. One cannot raise children by the lash. 601

46. To tempt one away from faith is worse than murder. 647

47. Suicide is a revolt against God’s will. 650

48. One cannot live from only ice boxes, politics, billing and crossword puzzles. 656

49. Violence is an inevitable condition of moral perfection. 670

50. Look now, whether there is darkness inside of you instead of light. 673

51. All words without action ring hollow and empty. 696

52. Revenge is nonsense. 707

53. To live for others is not only a code of duty but of happiness. 709

54. People who live on meat help indirectly to the killing of animals in slaughterhouses, and thus bear a heavy portion of responsibility for the killing of animals. 745

55. Animals are our younger brethren. Animals acquire a relationship with people and expand their individuality, thereby preparing for their future humanity. Once humanity renounces the eating of meat, morality and world progress will bloom to an unimaginable extent. At that time the principle of Christian love on Earth will actually be put into effect. The eating of meat has swift karma in the letting of human blood and killing through war. 750

56. Nobody is the true servant of God who effusively occupies himself with worldly luxury. 765

57. Take care of your health before you are ill! 779

58. The person who looks for happiness in exterior prosperity builds his house upon sand; real happiness is given only by the unity of interior life with God’s will. 784

59. If you cannot control your anger, it will control you. 799

60. A smile establishes contact between people. By smiling, one overthrows the condition of animosity and establishes a condition of mutual respect. On this basis our civilization is built. 804

61. A person has no greater enemy than himself. 805

62. The truth can be spread, but it cannot be imposed. 809

63. Often the most important things are those that we know least about. 815

64. If evil is to triumph it only needs one thing: that good people do nothing. 825

65. Although we cannot choose what will happen to us, we can choose how we are going to react. 831

66. Change your poor opinions for correct ones! 834

67. He who keeps the Code, becomes wise! 835

68. Spiritual works for one’s neighbor are the best prayer. 836

69. The world’s salvation is in the number of wise people. 837

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