Light denotes Life, Wisdom, Love, Goodness, Democracy and Earthly Paradise. Darkness on the other hand denotes death, ignorance, unhealthy egoism, evil, anti-democracy and earthly hell. The main difference between light and dark is that light exists thanks to electromagnetic radiation, whereas the existence of darkness is caused by the absence, or the lack of light. Darkness has no electromagnetic radiation whatsoever, darkness is but emptiness.

What causes the lack of light in people’s minds, mainly in their subconscious? There are obstacles to the light, which are formed by abnormal spiritual beings. They became abnormal because in a given developmental stage they were not filled with the light needed to advance them to the next stage. They simply failed. However, they were allowed, in certain circumstances, to negatively influence other human beings who were living their lives on Earth at that moment. It depends on a person, on their past and proper upbringing and self-discipline, whether he becomes a pupils of the light, or prey to darkness. To restate it in the terminology of the fairy-tale, a person can sell their soul to the devil for temporary advantage, and become an abnormal human being in the future himself. In order not to end up like that, a person needs to know the model ideology of democracy. That is to be found in this brochure.

The “stalemate” post-election situation after the 2006 elections to the Czech Chamber of Deputies had finally a positive impact. It helped citizens to understand that the essence and particular matter of democracy is not made by the fight for power of the political parties, but by the light, which represents in people’s lives the natural moral code (hereafter THE CODE). Loyalty to democracy has to be superordinate to loyalty to a party. Everything which goes against the norms of THE CODE—darkness, amorality—people can find within themselves and can be vanquished by entering the way to the light, i.e. THE CODE. The source of darkness is the objective interruption of the valid hierarchy of values. He who disturbs this hierarchy, due to their individual or group interests, subordinates higher values to lower ones, and becomes a source of darkness for themselves and those around them. At the summit of this natural hierarchy is (1) the biologically given possibility to create one’s own ideology. Ideology conditions the arise of (2) human freedom—the power to speak, feel and act or not to act. Human power makes possible the creation of human (3) legal order. Legal order should regulate and direct (4) human negotiations, especially in the areas of finance and economics. The priority of global economics however is not the healthy democratic ideology of light, but profit, even when it subordinates the values (1), (2), and (3) above. The attempt of every power which tries to replace the natural, established priority of the light of democracy by its dissimilar priority is political anti-democracy, i.e. darkness.

The inevitable development of the light indicates the advancement from the mineral kingdom to the vegetable, then to the animal and the human kingdom and on to the spiritual kingdom. Therefore development which favors material values to spiritual ones is unlawful. The life of people on the Earth is comparable to the life of people in the cellar of a very tall skyscraper. Only the floors above ground are invisible to us because they make up the spiritual spheres, dimensions and spaces in which spiritual beings live. However the whole building has the same essence, and that is energy and its various states which are unavailable to people in the contemporary level of their development toward the light. The existence of the overhead floors is confirmed by the latest astronomical discoveries, according to which the underground of the skyscraper (astronomical space) represents only 4% of the total weight of the building. The material of each overhead floor is named light matter, made from astral and ethereal light matter in its most diverse qualities, and represents 96% of the weight of the whole universe. The fact that a person does not understand something is not a proof that it does not exist. It was not a long time ago when people knew nothing about the presence of viruses and elementary particles of the atomic world. Today they are taken for granted. The hope of the obstacles of light is to make the light a servant to the dark, a hope which can never achieve success.

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