(March 2007)

Dear EU representatives,
I am a retired man (80) and I suggest that future EU constitution contain a text saying that moral health of the society has priority over the improvement of its material standard. The implementation of this text should also include provision of a brief, non-partisan and non-clerical model ideology of democracy which could be used for education and self-education of all democracies and democrats in the world.

Grounds for the suggestion
The essence of democracy can be demonstrated by light, i.e. by radiant energy of the Sun. This energy is a prerequisite of the existence and development of human empire on Earth. Besides physical malnutrition there is also spiritual (thinking) and mental (feeling) malnutrition. This psychic malnutrition is more dangerous than the physical malnutrition, as it represents the primary source of psychic and physical diseases and preconditions erroneous development of people and democracy. The light energy for spiritual and mental nutrition is contained in the natural moral law (hereinafter referred to as the LAW). It depends on people and their leaders whether this nutrition is used by them. Without it, they shall become an easy prey of the darkness.

The opposite of light – the darkness does not have its own energy, darkness is just nothingness. The darkness in people is caused by the absence, or lack of light. The main cause of the darkness is the obstacles of light in us and around us. These obstacles are formed by the development waste of life on Earth and in the Universe. To fulfill the purpose of their life on Earth, people must take the road of light, i.e. of democracy and freedom, and gradually overcome the obstacles of light. The road of anti-democracy (amorality) leads into darkness, which includes violence, turpitude, terrorism, bullying, demoralization, jobbery, falsehood, as well as the preference for temporary and lower values (power, economic profit) against higher and permanent spiritual values of democracy that are vital for healthy and right development of human empire.


1. Just like there is the body before clothes, which may just as well exist without clothes, there is the soul before the body, which may just as well exist without it, because the body is nothing but clothes of the soul. (J. A. Comenius, 1592-1670)

2. Democracy is a constant struggle for education of citizens. True democracy, based on love and respect for neighbours, means exercising God’s order (LAW) on Earth. The development of school is what the development of democracy consists in. I have never been an atheist, as there has not been a single day that I would not think about God. Moral living is the true worship of God. True democracy consists in morality. (T.G.Masaryk, 1850-1937)

3. There is no democracy without morality. Morality can only be built on belief in God. (Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom)

4. Man was not born into the world to eat and to enjoy sensual pleasures but to develop spiritually through service to neighbour and God. Not wars or violence, but a word of truth as to what is the proper way of spiritual development, shall change the world. (A. Excelsior, 1887-1956, expert at the LAW)

5. Above the arbitrary behaviour of people and governments, there is a moral law which imposes itself upon public as well as private persons, upon nations as well as individuals, and it is criminal to violate this LAW. (Champetier de Ribes, French representative at Nuremberg Trials)

6. He that voluntarily continues ignorance is guilty of all the crimes which ignorance produces, as to him that should extinguish the tapers of a lighthouse might justly be imputed the calamities of shipwrecks. (S. Johnson, 1709-1784)

7. A law is a rule laid down for the guidance of an intelligent being by an intelligent being having power over him. (English law theorist J. Austin) A question that goes to the very roots (the core) of democracy: Could the blind powers of Nature and the Universe have given intelligent power to people?

The text of this contribution to future EU Constitution is also available in other languages at www.cz-eu.eu.

JUDr. František Venzara
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Czech Republic




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